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  1. Ok so after doing a little bit of research I think I may now go with a Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO Motherboard with the originally planned AMD Ryzen 9 3900 do you think these would work well together also just a few quick questions would the integrated graphics built into the motherboard work as I know some CPUs do not support it is the stock cooler for CPU ok or would you advise going for something different does this change the graphics card situation and would duel graphics cards be a possibility here finally what wattage of power supply would be ideal for for this setup
  2. Would you recommend certain motherboard to go with said CPU
  3. I'm planning on building a new system and I was hoping to get a recommendation for a graphics card. the planned setup is a AMD Ryzen 9 3900 with a ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Motherboard. I would ideally like the best you can get for around the £200 Mark. in terms of IO I would like to stay away from DisplayPort as I do not have any devices that support it HDMI would be a good output with three or four of them being ideal. it's not necessarily going to be a gaming machine more of a workhorse for running four DJ stuff such as live video mixing and DMX control and among other things looking forward to your input greatly appreciate it thanks Toby
  4. Kind of figured that oh well thanks for confirming it
  5. I've had my best look to see if if there is already something like this but I can't find one and I am not aware of a search feature I've heard this is quite a common issue in Windows 10 but whenever I boot up my my desktop the CPU usage spikes to 100% and stays there for about 10 minutes My current setup is an AMD A6 9500 radon r5,8 with two cores at 3.5 gigahertz on a a gigabyte ga a320m s2h motherboard with no graphics cards and 4 mechanical hard drives powered by a Corsair CV 450 power supply not the best machine in the world I know Hope you can help thanks Toby
  6. Based off of this I think you'd be right to say it's a virus Sorry for the bad picture
  7. Will do Thanks for the advice
  8. Its Made by appypie It seems to be very specific to my tablet which is an Amazon fire for kids
  9. Well it works but I'll check it out carefully. but when I say app store I don't mean the Android one.i found it for my weird tablet
  10. Never mind I just found on in the app store
  11. Don't know if you can already but could we get a ltt app