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  1. When I click on it it's not vram but usage in %. It also has 2gb of vram left with the settings I use. When I get back home I'll benchmark with RivaTuner but I'm 99.9% sure that isn't the issue at hand
  2. no that is ram usage. I have given gta v 8gb ram. it also says it shows usage in percentile, with that my card has 4gb and as you can see I literally I have 2gb left so that isn't the problem. all advanced settings are off. any other solutions.
  3. those are both off and with the settings I have on I have more than 2gb of vram left
  4. the gta screenshot taken here was taken just now because I decided it would be useful for the post here the usage is even higher compared to RivaTuner
  5. Hi everyone, I was playing GTA 5 and noticed I had lower performance than the benchmark video's I've seen with the same specs as me (system specs bottom of post) So I ultimately decided to start up RivaTuner and do some benchmarking to see if my expectations were wrong or if something wasn't right. after my benchmarking I got an average of 52 fps with all medium settings (benchmarks got near 90 on high/very high) and my gpu was at around 40% and cpu everywhere from 20% to 50%. I couldn't figure it out after 2 weeks so I gave up. but when I was playing again I opened Xbox gamebar and I saw that it said my gpu was at 84% and my cpu at about the same as RivaTuner said. I did some searching and couldn't find anyone with the same problem. and I'm not sure which one to believe... gamebar or good ol' RivaTuner, and what could be causing this? I hope someone here has an awnser. thank you for you time, LTTdropTips. specs: ryzen 5 1600af oc 3.7ghz stock cooler 1650 super oc (oc in images) 90% trusted according to msi overclock scanner 16gb evo spear 3200hz (2x8) asrock b450m pro4 samsung 860 evo 500gb ssd + external ssd adata sd600q 480gb (gta is on samsung) evga 450br 80+ bronze 2x mf120 HALO fans windows 10 home (version 2004) variable refreshrate on hardware accelerated GPU scheduling on if you need any more information feel free to ask.