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  1. I understand this but i am not using it for a regular use case. I plan to put a small monitor inside my pc and it would be easier to power the display over USB so that i can just use one of the headers off the motherboard instead of taking up one of the ports on my graphics card.
  2. So will one of those adapters work if i also have other monitors plugged into my main display adapter (namely my graphics card)?
  3. I have recently looked at USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters on the internet and seen them used with laptops to connect to multiple displays. This seems useful for a project for me, but i am unsure if it would be possible to use a USB 3 to HDMI adapter to connect a monitor to my desktop, whilst i also have other monitors connected to a discrete graphics card. I am aware that the graphics card has display drivers to make it work, but i dont know if those diaplay drivers (for gtx 1060) will prevent another monitor from connecting via usb and all of the monitors working together in windows. I do not expect to be gaming on the monitor connected by usb, as it will not be connected to the GPU, that monitor would just be for general desktop use whereas i use the monitors connected to the gpu for gaming. Does anyone have any insight on the feasability of this? thanks.