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  1. UPDATE: after loading up the bios it seemed to do something and fixed itself. No more stutter.
  2. GPS runs at about 60 celsius when under load. That's what it showed me.
  3. Tried enabling xmp but whenever I get into a game my pc gets the blue screen with the sad face.
  4. I can't seem to find cpu Temps in afterburner. But my cpu fan isn't speeding up any.
  5. Well I was playing an mmo called neverwinter. Which isn't very graphic demanding. When I tabbed out my cpu was running at 90 percent and then immediately jumped down to 14 percent
  6. So I recently changed my motherboard and cpu as well as memory. First time doing this all I did was install them and boot up the pc. But now when playing games they get choppy. Did I do something wrong? Is it a bottleneck? Currently using Ryzen 7 3700x - cpu Nvidia rtx 2060 - gpu Corsair vengeance rgb 32gb