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  1. Might sound silly , but check whether the GPU power cable is properly connected to your GPU and PSU. Sometimes the smallest of things can be overlooked.
  2. Ever since I have reinstalled windows and added my HDD back , its been creating some problems , especially with many windows programs , like can't change the default app save location to HDD (D:) instead of C drive (trying to download FS2020 on it) .It throws error code - 0x80070005 Even the windows store refuses to do anything when I select D drive, The store downloads anything on the C drive. Windows update has also giving me errors , where the update KB4566782 downloads and installs till 73% and then throws an error code 0x8007000d. Manual installation of the update is also not working. I've tried messing around in the permissions and ownership settings and given myself (user) full control , still no use. I suppose adding back my HDD after reinstalling fresh copy of windows has done something , where it cannot access my D drive. (Although it can create folder in the drive , like the WindowsApps folder , but can't change the save location to it.) Any help would be appreciated!
  3. so I downloaded DirectX runtime installer which included 9/10/11 and somehow that fixed it . I will test out some more games and update whether the problems persists or not. But thanks alot for your time.
  4. yes , have done it multiple times now , including multiple restarts
  5. I did a fresh installation on my laptop , installed the drivers required and installed steam . Then i added my internal HDD back to my laptop and added the steam library to steam. Now almost every game is throwing errors. I made sure the drive had read/write permissions. Cuphead is starting and plays the menu music , but no visuals. ( for what ever reason forcing it to DirectX12 is working , but i want it to start normally like before) Spyro reignited trilogy started at first , but now throws "The UE4-Falcon Game has crashed and will close LolLevelFatalError [File:D:\Bamboo\buildbot-package\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\D3D12Util.cpp] [Line: 242] (Device-> "TPSOFunctionMap<TDesc>::GetCreatePipelineState()((Desc,IID_PPV_ARGS(&PSO)) failed at D:\Bamboo\buildbot-package\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\Windows\WindowsD3D12PipelineState.cpp:601 with error E_INVALIDARG" error CS 1.6 also starts with a blank screen. Before it gave an error loading library error. WMR Portal gives outdated driver issue , whereas i have the latest drivers and i had used wmr headset on this before. I can't understand whats wrong here. I installed the latest Intel drivers and Nvidia drivers (ver. 451.67) from Geforce Experience.
  6. The problem is i have lots of bloatware , so keep my files is not an option.
  7. The C drive is SSD and D drive is HDD. I want to factory reset since its a laptop from acer , dont want to loose the drivers and stuff that comes along by default.
  8. As the title mentions , I want to factory reset my laptop , and all my data is on internal HDD (D:) drive. I removed everything I needed from C drive. But I am worried the remove everything feature may clean up my D drive as well. Is there a way to factory reset without unplugging the HDD physically ?
  9. Okay so many more google searches later , I found a fix to my problem. Do an advanced startup , open CMD , then i did Bootrec /fixMbr and chkdsk :C /r and my problem solved. Never again will I boot into Linux. But I still don't know the reason why I couldn't run chkdsk on startup , it skipped it every time ??
  10. Unfortunately , that method didn't work , altho there was one partition of FAT32 flagged as boot , which when checked threw an error saying cannot resize partion.
  11. What exactly should I do in gparted to fix my C drive? And what does "powercfg /h off" do?
  12. Oh I see , this is very informative. I will transfer everything from C drive over to my HDD for now. If nothing fixes it then i will do a reinstall. Thank you.
  13. I think only the Gigabyte MOBOs have the OC multiplier , because a quick google search later , i realized that a320 is not meant for OC , yet i see the option .