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  1. My cpu is fine for me when I'm in creative work, it still do the job done. But in gaming my cpu is the problem, my cpu is not on recommended specs and sometimes I can't record some clips while in game.
  2. Do you mean 2600 or 3600? I'm a bit afraid of updating my bios to Beta bios, because b450 will not be compatible to 1200 anymore once it update(I'm not so sure about this). I also have a plan to give my current system to my parents once I upgraded them all.
  3. I guess I will buy extra 8 gig and wait for zen 3. I will also try to find a used 2700. Thanks guys for answering my question it really helps.
  4. It's a hard question, I do gaming often, but my cpu is not on recommended specs, maybe I will focus on my cpu.
  5. I use my system for editing and gaming. I use photoshop, premiere, after effects and some programming software. The games I play is some light title games like LOL, DOTA2, Valorant, Apex, and some triple A games occasionally.
  6. My budget is about $200 less, I'm just waiting and hoping for a sale from my local computer hardware store.
  7. I'm planning to upgrade my current system, it has Ryzen 3 1200, gtx 1050ti, 8gb ram, and B350M. However, I'm on a tight budget so I need to choose between upgrading either the cpu or the gpu. If I upgrade my cpu, I'm planning to buy Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 2700. I want it to be zen 2 so I can upgrade my MOBO to X570 in the future. I also have budget for adding 8gb ram so upgrading my cpu will be fine. If I choose to upgrade my gpu, I'm planning to buy gtx 1070 or gtx 1070ti, it's so I can upgrade my cpu to zen 2 without or less worries of bottleneck. I know either choice will be a bottleneck. I need your help and recommendation guys, sorry for a long post. Thank you.