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  1. Found the culprit! There was no EFI partition on the RAID0! So i went into recovery mode and followed these instructions:
  2. *update i don't know how i managed it to make it work, but at least i know i dont have to make a new windows install (for now) so how did i do it first i made a new windows instalation on a second ssd then got in the cmd in the advanced restart options i tried using a few guides but this command made it work bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s V: /f ALL but now comes the weird stuff the bios still can't recognise the raid it finds only the newly created windows ssd but after the bios phase when i press f8 to get to the windows startup bootloader i can select 2 partitions (the one with the new windows and my raid) so now i am more confused than before
  3. *Update it definitely is readable as a drive
  4. will try to boot from another ssd, results posted asap
  5. i simply can't boot from it because it wont show in the boot option priorities or overrides as if it was detected but the bios thinks its not a bootable device hmm i'd like to boot from it again it was my C : drive.. have to check if it gets recognised in windows if i boot from another ssd will post results soon
  6. Hello guys, i had to change to a new motherboard today because my old one died. (or the CPU idk.) And before anybody comments that a RAID 0 as main partition is stupid, thanks, yes i know and i was dumb when I made it this way. Everything went fine, except i can't boot into Windows. I have a: Asus Maximus XII Formula Intel i9 10900k 2x m.2 970 evo 500gb My old setup was: Asus Maximus IX Formula Intel I7 7700k Same SSD's Now the problem is that I set up the RAID 0 the same way as on all devices ( CSM off, Intel Rapid store on, etc...) but the raid device does not show up as bootable device, although in the intel rapid store page it states that the raid is detected, running normal and is bootable. I have tried about everything. Is there a way to make this work or do i have to delete the raid and start from 0? Thanks in advance Dead1y_Wolf