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  1. Does that mean there are some exception to dvi port and dvi to hdmi converter? Interesting I couldn't find this info on google
  2. So i bought used pc parts from multiple sources with these specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Msi B350 tomahawk 2x4gb Vgen tsunami 3200mhz Ram Rx 570 powercolor reddragon with dvi only as an output (mining edition) Monitor Dell S2216H After i build it like anyone else i installed the gpu driver and then i updated the windows. And then suddenly the audio comes out from the monitor (yes the monitor has built in speaker). This is normal if i use the hdmi output from a normal graphics card. But the gpu that i'm using right now only has a dvi output. My question is HOW is this possible?? I should mention that im using hdmi cable from the monitor connected to hdmi to dvi converter on the gpu output. Any help is appreciated. I couldn't stop wondering about this haha.