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  1. Yes because I only have one SSD and no more another storage at the moment and people keep telling me it will only waste space by creating one more partition. So I'm just trying to ask if it's possible to reinstall or repairing the OS without having to move the data on that partition. If it's possible then it's true we might not need to create another partition.
  2. Is that mean application as well like google chrome, office, etc? Or just the OS
  3. Hello guys I'm using SSD and I know that there's no performance benefit by using several partition (more than 1) but what if it's to separate the OS and the app in one partition and data or games in the 2nd partition. Would it be easier if in case I need to reinstall the OS, then I don't have to move the game and data to another drive? Or Windows 10 already include tools to reinstall the OS without having to move other data on the same partition? if it does please do share what's the tool and maybe an article of how to do it thank you :D
  4. Thank you for the thoughtful reply ^^ So if I fix/repair the OS with a Windows installer USB if it ever comes to that, it will it not delete all the other data or apps on that same drive? And if I'm using the windows 10 repair/restore will that takes a lot of space on the drive to create the backup/ restore point? And what are the way that could help to keep M.2 NVME SSD to live longer? Thank you!
  5. Alright guys thank you for all the advice (I will try to delete all partition and then just click next) I will try it on the morning and see if there's more answer to this thread. I will leave it like this for now. Thank you for every advice, opinions and help ^^
  6. So if I delete everything it will merge into a single partition? Before I was deleteing the 100MB system and it didn't want to merge with the 950GB primary that I delete as well and that's why now it separate into 2 unlocated space
  7. I cannot merge that two unallocated space into one. And I don't know what will happen if I delete every of them. I delete the system before and it become separate unallocated space instead of merging into one unllaocated space. The reason I want to have 2 partition is to protect data from virus and also for games they usually don't want to be installed on system drive because windows permission is such a hassle.
  8. Hello guys, I have 1 TB M.2 NVME SSD and I just want to split into two partition 350GB for system and the rest is for data, that's the idea. I read to click new when it's on the partition step, or choosing the which drive to install the windows on. Originally it was showing only One drive 953.8GB but after I try to click new it resulted in system , MSR(reserved) and primary partition. Anyway I'm trying to do something and I delete the system and the primary, and for some reason now I am left with something like this (picture included). I won't touch it any further since I think I just don't know how to make it better without making it worse. The goal is to have 2 partition. One is for system 300 or 350GB and the the other would be data and games in a single partition.
  9. I got an email back from Seasonic and here is their reply: "Hello, Thank you for contacting Seasonic. In order to answer your questions: All our retail PSU, S12III included, are APFC products. Compatibility with an UPS is mainly due to the UPS itself, not the PSU. As long as UPS can provide power power to the PSU in case of power outage, then it will work. In 2020, any good average UPS will do this even with an APFC PSU and a Simulated Sinewave. Regarding the last part of your email, It's difficult to know behavior of a PSU and an UPS if not tested together. we do not test for compatibility UPS and PSU. We only make some recommendations to go for high-end Simulated Sinewave or Pure Sinewave from a known manufacturer (APC, CyberPower etc...). The best is to contact UPS manufacturers to get feedback on their product. Like previously said, in 2020, any average UPS Should work with an APFC PSU. Thank you." So well yeah it does seems that nowadays you can pair Active PFC (APFC) Power supply with any decent simulated sine wave PSU and shall not worry about all the issues that were lying around. This is a great news for me since I really can go for an affordable simulated sine wave UPS ^^
  10. Thank you so much for the thorough explanation it's been really helpful ^^ I will ask the Seasonic technical support if I could, share it here if I got any respond and make my decision. So considering if I bought the used UPS or second hand UPS, how could I easily check the quality of the UPS whether it's still good or not, or know if it's the same as the original item (the parts haven't been replaced with something else)? And how long a UPS can usually last?
  11. Thank you, I will just go with the standard battery, 10~15 minutes is what I need to safely saving and turning off the computer. Thank you for the awesome reply! Ah and the mains electricity or the power grid here is 220V, does it means something or something that I need to consider? All in all do you think UPS APC 1100VA will be good enough for my PSU? I saw the second hand price is good enough it's no longer have the original battery but I heard from the seller I can get SMT power battery 12v 7ah for a bit more price (I guess SMT is the brand of the battery). Overall I think it's a good price which I can afford for now.
  12. Thank you ^^ This sounds convincing for me to go with stepped sine wave. Because it saves a lot of money in here. the true sine wave I think cost double the cost. I'll try to contact the PSU technical support in this case Seasonic and see what they say about it. If I do hear from them I will update it here. Oh and the mains electricity or the power grid here is 220V, does it means something or something that I need to consider? And I also try to contact a seller for used or second hand UPS, they say that they can modify the UPS and change the battery to automotive battery that will make the UPS to be able to support for hours. I'm not sure how safe this is but I won't think of risking the PC for this although it does sounds great if it can really work without having risk. And also How safe it is to buy second hand UPS, are they still as nearly as good as new after we replace the battery with a new one?
  13. Ah I see, can you elaborate what do you mean by power grid? Yes basically with stepped sine wave I will only use the battery 1~4 times every month just to get that 5~15 minutes to turn the computer off. I was just worried if it happened during heavy load and for some reason it turn my computer off immediately during the switch. Will it be possible to damage the other components like PSU or the other? I also heard about this could create a humming sounds on the PSU during using the battery and it could damage the PSU. Not sure how accurate this is.
  14. Well then it's bewildered me why people don't make a list of which model compatible and which one aren't. Because the difference in price between stepped sine wave UPS and true sine wave UPS is a lot! Mine is Seasonic s12iii 80+, I wonder if anyone is using it with stepped sine wave and how's the result.
  15. I just heard this new information that someone says: " If the PSU AC Input is in the range of 110v~240v or 200v~240v it's okay to use stepped sine wave, but if the PSU AC Input is 220v~240v then it must be paired with true sine wave UPS." How much true is this information true? I heard someone say some PSU with active PFC doesn't work with stepped sine wave UPS but some other models with active PFC works for them. Why there's no list showing which PSU work with stepped sine wave and which PSU doesn't?