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  1. That sounds like the kind of stuff I'd be happy to try on my second system.. I'm not too happy with having "open" liquid in this one, though, or having any more downtime than necessary. I think I'll buy a noctua d15 and call it a day. From what I heard, it should give comparable temps to the corsair AIOs? Some people even talk about better ones.
  2. Update: Tried to run blender again as this *should* be a workstation machine, blender render in cycles gets me to ~85..87°C (so far, slowly rising each frame) peak with a drop to 72 between frames.
  3. I'm actually runnign corsair link and it's the fixed rpm / sata version, so no luck there. I gyrated some more while cleaning the rad and moving the fans so if there's any air still left in there it's earned its stay. Or maybe it's just not much coolant left? core temps hover around ~97..80°C open case, ~82°C closed case now, coolant is at ~50°C. I guess the problem is somewhere in the heat transfer at block and rad after all, so I guess I'll be looking into air coolers.
  4. I'll try to vacuum the rad tomorrow, maybe that'll help. From what I tested open case drops the temps by one degree so I'll try to put the fans as pull above the rad to get some more general airflow. I don't have any more fans so I can't try push/pull. edit just checked, I don't even have the clearance for push/pull with normal fans. /edit As for the pump, I think it's fixed at ~2100rpm, at least I haven't found a way to change the speed and it doesn't react to temp/profile changes. I'm actually thinking about getting some aircooled tower rad and replace the top rad situation with pure exhaust to get better airflow and get rid of the weight, since gyrating the whole thing is more of a workout than I wanted, plus the push fan config I have now sounds like a leafblower at the high rpm I'm running it now.
  5. 1 hour update because I can - still sitting around 84°C although the room temperature rose by 1 degree while the temperature outside fell a few.
  6. @Tristerin you're right, I bought the AIO when it the hot new thing and RGB was still somewhat cool. You were also right with the bubble it seems. Idle temp sat at 45-48°C which is still not great but 100% load started at 70°C and now that it's running for 30min got to 84°C which is OK I guess. Thanks for the suggestion, I would never have thought to turn my PC weird angles. A followup question anticipating renders longer than 30min: What would a better thermal solution be, considering that I might run 100% load for multiple hours? I know a custom loop would achieve this but I think at that price point it would be more viable to rent a commercial render farm...
  7. @eeeee1 The thing is that it's 52 at virtually no load. I want to be able to run a render or game in the evening without it triggering thermal runaway or the cpu giving up on me in a year. Would I need to get better/different cooling to get below 95 loaded at 30°C ambient?
  8. @Tristerin the pump is at the lowest point of the loop atm, would this still be reasonable? (radiator mounted at the top of the case)
  9. (ambient as in the room temperature, the cpu is still at 52°C with chrome and a bunch of diagnostic windows open).
  10. @eeeee1 I have ambient at ~35°C right now, would this be an issue? Shouldn't it still be closer to coolant temp than that? It's not really that useful of a pc if I can't use it in the summer... I can't really tighten it further without it being uncomftably hard to move. @TofuHaroto did that and I'm fairly certain that the pump is working, although it's hard to check by ear with the fans. The bios is on the latest non-beta build. @Tristerin the older ones had the clip thing. I think it's actually AM3 mount but am4 boards are backwards compatible or something. All I have left is that there might be buildup in the loop but that would have been noticable before... I might try the wraith that came with the CPU for comparison or something... Could this in theory be a problem with the motherboard or CPU?
  11. @Tristerin as far as I can see, the pump is mounted correctly. I did take it off and reseat it just in case before but that didn't change anything. It's not mounted using the 4 screws like the newer versions / Intel versions, but uses the AM4 "clamp" system. I did push the block against the cpu and tighten the screws progressively though to get it as centered / evenly tightened as possible. @Atmos this is not a new cooler and I did apply new noctua NT-H2 paste so I should be good there. As for mounting see above. No obvious errors I could see.
  12. @Mateyyy I got these temps from ryzen master, although I'm now checking through hwinfo, too. The corsair software only gives me some temperature somewhere in the block which was always off by sime degree. (it self-reports as 54°C right now but usually rises slowly under load. Coolant maybe.)
  13. @ShrimpBrime @Den-Fi The shitty corsair interface reports the pump correctly and changing the cooling profile results in a changed cooling performance (leaf blower mode bottoms out at 98°C, balanced at 101+, quiet makes it a barbecue). As far as I can feel there's vibration at the block but I don't know if that's the fans or the pump. The AIO was working ~10 hours ago on my old system, I only replaced the mobo/cpu/ram.
  14. Hi, my 3900x arrived today. I'm using it with a corsair h100i v1 from which I'm not expecting too much but not those temps. Idle I'm hitting 50..60°C. The second there is any load, that jumps to 80°C. Sustained loads get it over 100°C within 5 minutes. The weird thing is that these temps drop the instance I take away the load. I turn my luxmark / blender render off and it drops by 30+ degrees (90°C to 60°C in 2s). I'm getting these results while locking the clock to 3800MHz and undervolting to ~1.28V PBO is disabled since I'm "over"clocking manually. Is this a hardware problem, improper cooling or something else? Edit: Board is a msi x570 a pro, most recent non-beta bios. Windows power profile is "balanced". I checked thermal paste and it's alright.
  15. Thanks again! That's what I thought. The better audio seemed nice and I'd probably go with a used serve 10G NIC anyway if I ever need it, so X570 it'll be.