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  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post as a part of this community, so forgive me if I violate any of the norms. My questions is pretty straight forward, I was wondering if it were possible to change the case and PSU of the Dell Optiplex 790 SFF. This is more of a passion project for me, and less of a necessity. I was thinking about building my own custom case (which would solve the issue of non-standard mounting points). In terms of the PSU however, I have read that Dell *may* switch up the ordering of the wiring on their boards, such that a standard atx connector (for the fanheader for example) may fry the board (or the fan?). I was wondering if anyone had experience in this area and could shed some light on to whether or not this is possible? Thanks so much in advance, and I am glad to be a part of this community!