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  1. the fans at the front of the case are at the edge of the bed, the only fans that are recycling hot air would be the ones at the rad
  2. i did it myself, im not new to PC stuff, in fact the Lenovo T440p which im using right now to write this has liquid metal, i know the risk but also know how to handle them, im asking if its safe because i cant find a video with someone using liquid metal on a 212, i was planing to do that because i have all the stuff laying around in the house, and i want to do something because the quarantine, 2 fan are pulling fresh air from the end of the bed ( i dont know how to put it since english its not my first language), the fans of the rad do pull air from under the bed, but since its overkill for a 1600x the fans dont go to fast, its just the GPU that makes the noise, and since im going to use it to render stuff, i want it to be as cool as possible so we can chill together
  3. i just need to put it in a place that mi wife cant see it, but not to far because my keyboard cable is not that long, either way, im going to post photos as soon as i get home, that way it will be easy
  4. well, thats that, im going to place it somewhere else in the room, i have a 7mts HDMI cable so that its not hard to do, but the problem is the wife
  5. im not in my home right now, but i can assure you that it has a good airflow, at night (when i use my PC) we have the AC on so ambient temps ar like 22c-23c
  6. tiles, airflow is very good, 4 fans blow air in to the case, and 1 exhaust fan
  7. high 90's to low 100's, im trying to learn blender in my spare time, i have a several evo 212 and i think i have seen a lot of lunis videos doing weird stuff to think i can do this without a problem, i was thinking about the liquid metal because i have some laying around, so i would not have to purchase anything
  8. That GPU already has Kryonaut on it, but the "heatsink" that has is very weak, thermals jump from 50 to almost 100 very quickly, and the noise is really bad, i have my PC usder my bed, and i want it to be quiet AF because i have a baby and the noise wakes her up, i already have watercooling on the CPU so no problems with that part
  9. Hi, im planning to change my stock cooler on my 1060 to a evo 212 for better thermals and i was wondering if i can use conductonaut liquid metal on it, it has 3 copper heat pipes but also have a little bit of aluminium, my question is, has anyone here used liquid metal on a evo 212?, the vram has no heat sink so i would have to address that to