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  1. It’s a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 970 and I’ve currently got a Hyper 212 cooler but that can change with a new CPU ( probably Ryzen 7)
  2. Hi everyone! n00b here, be gentle! Its upgrade time and as part of this I’d like to move from my current case (Phanteks P300s) to something smaller. I’ll be getting a new mobo, so that’ll be M-ATX, but my full sized modular 650W PSU and ageing GTX 970 GPU will be moving too so it’ll need to fit those! Theres also 1 x2.5 and 2x 3.5 HDDs as well. Are there any small cases to fit the above that are particularly recommended? I don’t want anything too expensive, and I like simple styled stuff ( a window would be good!) I’m in the UK and top end of the budget is around £60! TIA