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  1. I used to use my ethernet to connect from my router to my PC for a more stable connection. I've been using that for a few months now and I've been getting atleast 900mbps, which is what I am paying for. A few days ago, idk my ethernet connection started being a lot more worse (90mbps), so I assumed it was my cable that was bottle necking it down to 90mbps, but that doesn't make sense since the same cable was once able to communicate with 900 mbps.I swapped ALLof my ethernet cables to a cat7 and it slowed down a lotttt.. So I switched back to a 5e that connected to my router for internet, and that fixed my internet issues, and my internet is fine, however my ethernet connection to my PC is still bad. for comparison, I get 500mbps+ on internet and 1mbps on this pc that I've connected via ethernet. This doesn't make sense. My current setup is Ethernet 5e -----> Router -------(Ethernet Cat7)---> My PC. Does Cat5e and Cat7 not communicate well or smtg? Or is there some software issues on my PC? I use a gigabyte z390 gaming sli mobo, is there like drivers to download for it? I have no clue what to do. I have resetted my networking settings on windows 10 many times and that hasnt been able to solve the issue. I havent ran into a problem like this in a long time. This is Internet on my mac vs the ethernet on my pc.