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  1. I have a 1660 Super MSI Gaming X. The RGB light itself is fine, but if I set it to Rainbow mode on Mystic Light, All Sync, it changes color faster than my other RGB components. The other ones change color slowly while their lights stay on, but the GPU fades to black, then changes to a different color. If I change RGB for only the GPU, then its light doesn't fade to black, but its speed doesn't match the others. I guess what I'm trying to say is it doesn't sync as well. Yes, I did try different speed. All Sync is supposed to make all parts run at the same speed, but it doesn't. It's just something strange I noticed. Is this unusual or just how it works? Anyway to fix or change it? Not a big deal, but still a minor pet peeve.
  2. OP, it's been 2 months since you made this thread, and according to you, you've had this issue for 3-4 months prior. So it's been almost half a year that you've been dealing with it. That's some patience right there. What you can do now is: - RMA the card and get another one and pray that it doesn't have the same issue. - Refund and get an NVIDIA card. This is a common issue for AMD's 5000 series GPUs. They currently have no fix in sight. - Wait and pray AMD releases an update that can fix this. My 5600 MSI X had the same problem so I returned it. Those hoops and dances DDU or TDR or updates didn't fix the issue for me, and it won't for you. AMD acknowledges but they still have no fix after this long. It's up to you if you wanna gamble and play the pray and wait game with them.
  3. Those are before tax. Probably gonna be at least 250-260 with tax. I think the least expensive model is Evga.
  4. I have to RMA my MSI X 5600 tomorrow, and I want to get an NVIDIA card right away since I won't be able to run my PC without a GPU. I have a 3600 CPU, that's why. I'm planning to get a 1660 Super MSI X from Bestbuy for $290 or so (after tax). That will save me about $40, more or less, instead of getting a 2060 EVGA which is the same price as the 5600. No, I am not getting another AMD card. I thought about getting the 2060 EVGA, but heard its fans are loud and it runs quite hot often. The other 2060 cards are out of my budget. I was already stepping a little out of my budget range, $300, with the 5600 MSI, and I don't think I should go any further. The 2060 MSI X is very good looking, I admit, but I can't justify paying an extra $70. Now, that leaves the 1660 Super. I've checked the benchmarks and reviews. I don't care much for RTX or DLSS, so the only thing that concerns me is the lower 10-20 fps on average. I don't play AAA games often, except for maybe Final Fantasy, Battlefield, and Doom, so I guess it won't run too bad in the future. On top of my head, the other games I'll play are Tekken, Yakuza, DBZ, God Eater, DMC, etc. and Blender and Unreal Engine for game development, but that's later on in the future. Maybe some video editing software, and game recording. I have a 1080p monitor. Is it a good idea to stay with 1080p for a few more years, with this set up, then upgrade to possibly 4k in about 4-5 years? Would this card be good enough to play AA games at max settings? I was hoping to beat the PS5, lol, but doesn't look like it's possible for now. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. It's pretty luck-based, from what I can see. I heard about AMD cards having some sort of drivers issue, but didn't know how bad it was. I took a gamble and I lost. Even someone else who thought about switching to 5700 didn't know how widespread it is until I asked him to help troubleshoot. Think of it like this: 2 out of 5 people who eat this meal will die. It's cheap and delicious, though. Will you take the risk? I just hope it's not going to jeopardize my account after making 2-3 returns in a few weeks. Long story short, this wasn't something I expected to have to return. I also just found out that the 3600 doesn't have integrated GPU, so I won't be able to use my PC without a GPU. Goddamn it... So no waiting for sales for me. T_T Probably gonna get a 1660 Super MSI X from Bestbuy, stick with 1080p for a few more years, and hope 4k is more affordable eventually. *Sigh* I had high hope for this build, beating PS5 and all that...
  6. Well, that depends on how long someone intends to keep the card. If it's only two years, well, it's not gonna matter to him. People are still having to RMA their card and AMD officially acknowledge that they are still monitoring the issue. Which means they still have no clue on how to fix it. Which is shocking considering how long the 5700 and 5600 have been out by now. Neither. But what I am seeing is an AMD fanboy. The number of people who are still pissed off with the black screen crashes, random restarts, including me who is sending it back tomorrow, strongly disagree with you. And before you try the "you don't know what you are doing" defense, look, we're not stupid as you think we are. All those update bios, DDU, TDR, whatever loops and dances we tried to get it fixed, didn't work. You're shilling for a crappy product while accusing unsatisfied customers of being shills of another company. Grow up, kid.
  7. I have 3600. So now we conclude it's the card and not the RAM or PSU? It's going back, regardless.
  8. I DO NOT recommend any of the 5000 GPUs from AMD. They are infamous for having crashes and drivers issue. You are gambling with that purchase. Choose NVIDIA if possible.
  9. This confirms Radeon is the culprit. New bugs: Finally got the BSoD. Was playing CS, another guy got disconnected. "Lol he got disconnected" immediately after I typed that, the game crashed. Tried to launch it again and got BSoD. I think a certain holy man is watching me... One thing I'm concerned about is when I RMA this card, I'm gonna have to connect HDMI from my motherboard. For some reason, there's no signal when I plug the HDMI cable into my motherboard's port. Do I have to remove the GPU for it to work...?
  10. Already did. Thank god the Amazon customer support was easy. Might not have been the case if it was BH or Newegg. Now I'm looking at 1660 Super/TI or EVGA 2060.
  11. I was afraid the PSU could have been the cause at first, but after using WhoCrashed, the culprit turns out to be Radeon Software. Upon further research, this is the exact same driver issue that plagues the 5700 I've heard about. The worst case of scenario that I am afraid of is that if I get a new card and this issues persists, I'll have to start looking somewhere else for the root of the problem. But for now, all signs point to AMD being incompetent with their drivers. Once again, yes, everything is up to date. Xbox game bar? I don't have that. No idea what this specct thing is, either. It's a new PC build. It can't have any bloatware I didn't approve of.
  12. Japan, huh? GPUs must be more expensive over there, so I can understand why you went for whatever cheaper. I'm stingy with money, too, lol. XD Do you have any similar issues with your 5600? Are you ever gonna buy AMD again? First AMD build, first purchase, first experience, and my impression on them is not so good already. That AMD CPU better not have any issues. If I get a 2060 only to get this issue again, I'd probably smash something. >.< I notice that the EVGA 2060 has one 8-pin connector, as opposed to two on the 5600. Does it matter much?
  13. Already used DDU with safe mode. And this is a new PC build. It's the only GPU I ever used.
  14. Not yet. Well, it's luck-based. Some people are fine with the new update. Some still aren't. What driver conflict could this be?
  15. The one I linked. Strange... Did they release a new version with the metal backplate? Probably the old ones from a year ago didn't have one?
  16. Wait a minute... The EVGA 2060 doesn't have a backplate...? WTF?
  17. I was only playing CS GO with one monitor, lmao. And your GPU costs as much as my entire build...
  18. I have yet to even mess with any of those settings. Everything is still in default. OK. That was the last straw. Safe mode, DDU, all that TDR tricks didn't work. Just had another restart. Funny thing is that even though I disabled automatic restart so I can see the BSoD screen, it restarted anyway. Lol. I'll have to send an RMA request to Amazon. Hope they will accept. I threw the box away already... I was stupid. Learn from my experience. Stay away from AMD GPUs. Now, I'm probably gonna get the 2060. Question is, which one? This is the most affordable one https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-06G-P4-2066-KR-GeForce-Gaming-Backplate/dp/B083GH7LXW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=RTX+2060&qid=1595122113&s=electronics&sr=1-2 I'm gonna check reviews to see if this one is worth buying. I mean, low price is tempting, but I don't wanna deal with any headaches that come later on. If anyone has experience using it, please let me know as well.
  19. My PSU is titanium 550W. I can't believe those people who have similar crashes all have bad PSUs as well. It happens in a matter of seconds.
  20. I just built my first PC with a 5600 and when it works, it's good. But I've been very frustrated and exhausted by the random restarts/crashing from this GPU. I didn't know what the cause was at first, but upon further reading, seems like AMD is just incompetent at fixing their drivers. Yes, I've tried all kinds of fixes. TDR, bios update, reset profile, reinstall programs, etc. Did them all. Who else has/had a 5600/5700 and the same problem? I'm exhausted. I'll try to safe mode DDU this damn thing tomorrow. The deadline for return is 7/22. I am just one random restart from firing up an RMA demand. The box is gone already, so I don't know if I can still RMA. Asking for a bunch of returns on Amazon is really risky, but I can't just suck this up. Heard NVIDIA GPUs can be loud. How bad are they? If I do make the switch to a 2060 EVGA, what issue do I need to keep an eye out for? Do NVIDIA users have to deal with similar drivers issues? Any other suggestions, well, I'll listen.
  21. To avoid drivers crashing randomly.
  22. So, clearly an AMD problem. I thought this is only for the 5700...
  23. Goddamn it! Just had another restart from CS! What the hell!? Now I'm pissed! Thought it was done after I reinstalled the ga,e, but no, life is not that easy! This better just be a CS issue! I tried to use HWinfo, but not sure how. I have the log info when it crashed, but can't read a damn thing. And fuck this bastard... I used MSI Afterburner to see what the hell is going on with the specs when it restarts. After 40 minutes, the game runs fine with no restarts. This goddamn son of a...
  24. I'm not sure if I should ask, but those cheap Ebay keys... are they similar to or better than keygens? I've seen people being satisfied with their purchase, some weren't.
  25. As a resident in south LA, I am dying of jealousy. Your download speed is 10 times faster than mine, and your upload speed is 100 times faster.