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  1. Hi Mateyyy, As the MOBO is a mini IATX board there are only 2 Dimm slots I will check the XMP/DOCP I never actually checked that and all the rest are fully updated. It is my first high end build that I have here I have build budget machines before in the past and never had an issue so I have a good idea on what i was doing and triple checked compatibility etc and all seems good lol SSD is also not full not close to it still have about 100GB left on it but I am also getting another 1TB Samsung SSD 860 Evo today so will redo my whole file system to dedicate the M.2 for OS only so there will definately be no issue there. I appreciate the advice and will post an update later today on the XMP/DOCP
  2. Hey Guys and Gals, I have a new PC build here and I had gone through the specs I dont know how many times and I cant figure out why im getting a stutter in Warzone. I have played on console for years all has been good I have a solid internet connection wired getting 120 to 150 Mbps and yet im getting frame drops and random freezing mid game on warzone. (I know a lot of people do not have nice things to say for the game but I have to stay faithful to where I found my love for gaming years and years ago with COD and then its all my mates like to play so no choice really lol). The specs for the PC are below. Mobo: Gigabyte B450M CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x GPU: Palit 2080 Super Ram: Vengance 2x16GB DDR4 2666MHZ HDD; Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM M.2: Samsung 256GB - Game installed here PSU: Aerocool Integrator 600W And the case has plenty of Fans and ventilation with no temp spikes. I did try a sligh OC to see if this would improve it but it did not change anything so has been reset back to stock. Can anyone find anything in there that could be the issue. I think it might be the PSU but from everything I have ready there should be plenty of power in the 600W for the set up. Any info would be much appreciated.