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  1. hi guys i have been a way for a while i will upload a picture of my case right now. thanks for your patience guys
  2. hi what i did was have a rear fan and then the evo cooler facing down, i think it may be the paste because if im AFK and then ,ove my cursor it goes from 16 degress to 30 suddenly so might be that. i appriectae all you guys helping me btw means alot
  3. hi i used the paste what came with it and i dont understand push and pull i just added to fans at the top of the case to take the heat out
  4. right so the idle temps go from 17,20 up to 30 sometimes but i was playing "drug dealer sim" and my temps reached 73! i have the evo 212 cooler now and alot of fans in my case idk what to do !!!
  5. i bought the evo 212 just to say its fucking huge lol. temps are fine now thanks for all the help
  6. it says on core temp 83 tj max and its running around 50 on google! help me pls
  7. Also guys i have the stock cpu avc heatsink on it. should i get the EVO cooler? https://www.dinopc.com/cooler-master-hyper-212-evo?gclid=CjwKCAjw88v3BRBFEiwApwLevYLc1pY4EZaWTP-Gak5pDc5kurgf6W87nZRAsjJ_w45L6ccNWnVA5xoCbZwQAvD_BwE
  8. thanks so much guys for all your comments. im very stupid and have been playing games with a standard temp of 70. is there anything i can do right now to solve my problem? once again thanks for the replies. also what cooler do you recommend
  9. also guys theres this game what im not sure if i can share with you, its called "drug dealer simulator" and it makes my temps go up to 80-85
  10. thanks guys for the replies, i have dusted sevral times over and over there surely isnt and dust anymore. i think F.E.A.R is right because it sounds like an airplane when under full load. im doing small tasks like youtube or streaming and its staying around 40 - 50 peaking to 60!!
  11. hi guys, im hoping someone can please help me. i have a problem with my AMD FX 8350, while playing certain games it reaches 75-80 degrees and sometimes peaking up to 86! i have re applies thermal paste servral times and evreything. i have a stock fans and a normal heat sink what came with it can someone pls help me? Thank you