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  1. For me, when i tried to install windows for the first time, i had to have a network connection in order to download the whole thing, and in the end cause i didnt have a connection, it downloaded a limited version that ended up not even having the option to toggle wifi, bluetooth or even flightmode
  2. So i am getting ready to install windows for the second time now, after the first failed due to not being able to connect to the wifi to receive the full windows download. My network adapter needs its own software, and im wondering how i add the network adapter driver, onto the USB on the windows ISO installer, to have it be downloaded at the same time?
  3. im just gonna give up... thanks for the help guys...
  4. The drive was good and fine, but i had to reinstall windows and thats when it fucked up, when i deleted the previous version
  5. Just tried it, didnt work, got the same error as when i tried to save it to the drive itself
  6. So i was going to download windows today for my new PC, then i discover that my NVME SSD is showing up as Unallocated space, what do i do?
  7. No data recovery, its a completely new drive And i had to do limited windows install because i didnt have any network connection, nor having the Adapter installed at the time, because i thought the Mobo had it
  8. So i just installed windows and everything was fine and dandy, then i remembered i needed to add my network adapter, did that and now its installed. But it is not showing up in the device manager, nor do i have the ability to connect to any wifi. When going down into the little wifi menu in the bottom left corner to select between various networks, none show up, on top of that, it says "Network & Internet settings", click it and im put into a menu where i see "Show available networks" if i click that, im brought back to the same page, and its just an infinite loop. im getting really frustrated. And before you suggest ethernet, i dont have a access point nor cable. (P.S) Before this one of my HDD's didnt want to show up in my file manager, if i go into disk manager, it says that disk has Unallocated space, what do i do?
  9. Okay, so it turns out my monitor was just being an ass, and didnt actually want to shot "Hey you can press F2 or Delete now to access the bios" i turned it on once more and just spammed delete, and i got inn, but thank you all so much for the help
  10. okay so i tried disconnecting the storage except for the NVME SSD, and my keyboard no longer turns off, but now i have a Bright red LED that is constantly on saying Boot
  11. Sorry for not clarifying. Everything turns on and runs, it keeps running, however i get no post to my display, ive tried Mobo and GPU output, so im certain thats not the issue. The Mobo is grounded to a standoff and i let the System run for about 5-7 minutes before turning it off again after getting zero post
  12. So i had a posting problem earlier and got it solved, but now that my whole system is inside the case, i am getting no post, i did nothing differently and i have no clue what happened Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x + Coolermaster cpu cooler 16gb G-skill tridentz 3200mhz Sapphire RX 5700xt B550 Tomahawk Moba TX650M Corsair PSU Kingston 250gb Nvme SSD + Connected inside the case 2tb x 2 barracuda hardrives 250 gb samsung ssd My keyboard and mouse also turn on when the system does, but turns off again after a short while, then back on
  13. Aricu

    No post

    Alright, so i tried to reseat the GPU once more, along with reseating the power cords, and it got a post, thank you
  14. Aricu

    No post

    Alright, so i tried to reseat the GPU once more, along with reseating the power cords, and it got a post, thank you
  15. Aricu

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    No speaker attached nor beeps