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  1. Hi I have the following system: MSI Z390 - DDR4 Motherboard Intel i5 3.70Ghz processor NVidia Quadro P4000 8gb Grapphics card Corsair RM1000X power supply I run autocad, photoshop and sketchup mainly, but also sometimes use other cad platforms. I use to have an EVG 80+ Bronze 600w ATX power supply but I started to max out the power usage and the software started glitching and hanging up. So I went ahead and bought the corsair power supply in the hope that it would resolve the very high power usage trends I was experiencing. However it has not resolved the issues. I can't believe a 1000w power supply is not man enough to run autocad 2020 so what could be the issue? Can someone help, even running malware bytes puts the power usage into the red is there an issue here I don't see?