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  1. I will give it a shot for the different slots. I just can’t see the power supply being bad as it was working fine in my personal build ryzen 7 2700x x470 gaming pro carbon and gtx 1060.
  2. Hi all, im building a rig for my friend currently and I’m having an issue with the build in general and didn’t know if it was a MOBO issue or a gpu issue what have you. specs: ryzen 5 3600 b450 tomahawk max RX 570 8gb 16gb DDR4 gskill 3200 rm750x 1tb SSD 120gb SSD( for boot) problem I am having here is when everything is connected ( yes everything is connected properly tripled checked each time) it powers on for a quick second flashes 3 debug ( GPU, DRAM and BOOT) then shuts down. Now I’ve taken the GPU out and it worked fans spinning and what not ( didn’t visualize a post screen or anything cause I just wanted to see if it worked) so I am wondering is this a BIOS update thing for the MOBO or is the GPU faulty or needs something done to it? honestly any suggestions would be great to hear
  3. Sounds like a better plan to me! Ty for the input!
  4. Yea it was going to be for gaming but if there is little to gain in performance then I guess I’ll abandon the idea. Ty for the input!
  5. Hi there! I want to do a sli build with my 1070 ti mini and just wanna know if I need another 1070 ti mini or I can use a regular sized 1070 ti thanks for the help!