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  1. Thanks for taking the time to clear my doubts brother! Kudos.
  2. Ahh, gotcha! Thanks a lot for taking the time in explaining. Cheers! I am all set here with your pc part build
  3. Awesome. I can always sacrifice for an HDD for the time being. And I do not honestly mind waiting times. Will that help? Also I know from your 2 builds it is 580 < 5800XT but "IF" then 580 or 1650S?
  4. Ahhh, so here is the thing: 1. To get that mid-range GPU I gotta stick with i3-9100f (by staying my less than ~ 550 GBP budget). 2. OK, I see 5800XT or 1660S why not the 1650S? Also seeing Aereldors 580 8GB then how would you put them as a list in terms of worse better good best? (Curious)
  5. Thanks for clearing brother! Also no 3300x eh? I guess it is either i3-9100f or 3100 then.
  6. Will a i5-9400f not fit my bill? And if it can what should I pair it with 580 or 1650 super? Sorry for the questions. Too many choices and too difficult for a beginner.
  7. And that beast can keep me alive at 60fps medium gameplay till the next 2 years without upgrade?
  8. @Guys I would be using 3100 or 3300x (if anyone can put that up) < i3-9100f as a priority here. Because I really am not in the favour of an AGPU build. Do these builds need 3-4 fans (2-3 in front) or having a fan in the rear will do just fine? Edit: Will a i5-9400f not do for my budget?
  9. Could you please help put up a list using 3300x?
  10. Thanks, I am curious regarding the PSU W dropdown here.
  11. I was about to comment on that. Will be editing the OP as well. Nope I do not need keyboard and mouse.
  12. @Guys Okay if I am getting away with the 450 PSU. Is the 580 8GB better than a 1650S 4GB? Or really should I give it some more power. (Again note not upgrading in the future)
  13. But I am not going to upgrade nor overclock. I will be using this for the next 2 years playing games at minimum medium settings needing minimum 60fps with that monitor I have mentioned in the OP.
  14. Thanks for the list brother! Just a question, won't I need an additional cooler as intel stock cooler suck's so I have heard.
  15. Thanks for the list brother! Just a question for this can I replace B450 with an A320 as I really do not plan to upgrade for another 2 years nor I will overclock.