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  1. I found the "issue"... I went into amd settings and found out that my instant replay setting was turned on and after I turned it off encoding went to normal. Im sorry that I wasted Your time. Thank you.
  2. I turned off wallpaper engine but it still and always shows 85 % encode... (https://prnt.sc/tugtl5), could it be some mining malware? Also as I said memory clock is capped at 2000 all the time..
  3. well, i run hwinfo64 and it says that video encode is 85 % and memory clock is always on 2000 while idle ofc... (https://prnt.sc/tugfle)
  4. yea msi afterburner shows 0 while idle, but why task manager shows 85 on idle? is there any way to fix this bug?
  5. Hello guys, I bought used RX 580 8GB. It has papers and warranty etc. First when I installed it in system it worked but when I run game some white led started flashing on gpu and fans started spin very fast. After reboot I tried running game again and same thing happened. I installed new drivers and that was gone. Today I turned on my PC and I entered task manager and I see that my GPU utilization is 85%. I thought that might be because of Wallpaper Engine and I turned it off but still it is 85 %. When I turned Wallpaper Engine back on utilization dropped to 75 but again went to 85%. I checked task manager and it said Video Encoding is on 85 %. I restarted my PC and went into task manager again and GPU utilization was 85% but encoding, decoding, copy and 3D were 0-1%. After some time Encoding went to 85% again. PC specs: i7 3770, 12GB ram, RX 580 8gb, Seasonic S12III 550w.
  6. Also seasonic psu calculator says I need 446W psu so buying 500-550w would make sense.
  7. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and my budget is 60-70e. I know its not much but I can't go over that. Also I don't want to buy used PSU because in Bosnia it's really hard to trust that everything is good with used PSU. https://www.olx.ba/artikal/38263527/seasonic-s12-iii-550w-80-plusbronze-novo/ this is a link for PSU that I meant to buy
  8. Hey guys, I want to buy new psu for my little war machine. Specs: i7 3770, 8gb ram 1333mhz, rx 580 8gb. I found Seasonic S12III 550w 80+Bronze for 65e and Seasonic S12 II 620w 80+Bronze for almost same price. Do you guys know what is difference between these two? Obviously its in these II and III but what that really mean? Should I buy S12 III or S12 II. Also in the future I plan to upgrade to some Ryzen cpu as r5 2600 or r5 3600. Thanks, cheers.
  9. Thanks for understanding mate. Look I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and this is like 3rd world country and i7 3770 is really good CPU still here. Also I don't need monster pc for few games and some editing and soft work in blender. I think this will be good enough for me. Cheers.
  10. Ty you guys so much, I know a bit about voltage etc I go to electrician school :D. Also I don't have equipment to measure voltage etc. Thank you so much for help.
  11. Thats why am I scared, maybe that will damage my new CPU and motherboard. First when I installed it motherboard didn't recognize my GPU. I mean it did but picture went black and after that I couldn't see nvidia control panel. After 1 restart my GPU was is recognized and now it's working normal.
  12. Hello guys, Today I got new motherboard and cpu. I got z77 and Intel Core i7-3770.Because I had GTX 560 Ti in my old pc I decided to use that gpu because I don't have enough money for RX 580. Anyways when I installed GPU in pc and i tighten these GPU screws, I turned on PSU and i wanted to be sure that they are tight enough. I didn't have screwdriver close to me so I used "voltage tester??, level sense???" (I don't know what is called in English, here is what I got when I use translator (screenshot: http://prntscr.com/t5lwth)). When I wanted to tight these screws with voltage tester or whatever is called I can see that voltage tester is blinking aka you can see orange color and If you see orange color that means there is voltage on screws. I checked my whole case inside and I still get that color but when I turn off PSU I don't see any voltage. Also, when I disconnect my GTX 560 Ti there is no voltage either. What I did wrong guys, is it really bad that I can see voltage on my GPU screws? Thanks, cheers.