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  1. ok but is there any other possible explanation?
  2. So I just installed my new gpu, is an rx 570 everything went fine but now my rgb doesnt work, is there a cable that I may have disconnected? or is it something else? the rgb strip was already on the case when I bought it
  3. Well thanks my gpu performance got way better now I stay around 150 and 240 fps with no huge drops (at least in csgo) and now warzone is actually playable
  4. ok I enabled xmp and well... docp I couldnt enable it since my mobo doesnt support overclocking but thanks
  5. hey so I changed something (dont know what exactly) but there was a dram option and it was at default at 2666 mhz wich I changed to 2400mhz did I do it right?, also yes I know that dual channel is the way to go but well I just thought that I should be getting something near those videos
  6. yes im running in single channel wich I should probably upgrade to dual channel but I still think is underperforming, my gpu temps like right now is at 47°C wich should be 116.6 farenheit
  7. the its 2400mhz "What is it rated at ? Can you read the sticker on it ?" you are talking about the ram right? ok Il enable it
  8. how do I enable it? umm I got it from radeon settings so maybe its wrong or is not what you are looking for so maybe I should get hardware monitor, advertised speeds are 2400MHz-3733MHz , and temps at least in radeon settings are 44°C right now
  9. well first my ram that says that im using 45%, its an hyper x ddr4
  10. I have 8 gb of ram just to clarify and a asrock a320m-hdv r4.0 micro atx am4 motherboard a corsair cv 450w psu, a stock heatsink, what is xmp and docp?
  11. So I just installed my rx 570 and paired it with a ryzen 5 3400g but in many games is not showing anything near those benchmarking videos on youtube, here are some results that i got in 3d mark in csgo Im getting 150 fps or more but it can go down to 80 or even 50 in warzone im getting huge fps drops
  12. So I just installed my rx570 and installed the drivers but now my speakers are really low as well as my headphones, what can i do?
  13. So I just got my rx570 gigabyte rev 2.0 and installed it but the drivers are in cd and well ... my pc cant read those I searched them online and downloaded but when I try the amd radeon settings app it says that it cant work since my drivers are different can somebody help me out? also my audio sounds weird sorry for my bad english