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  1. I tried making the voltage to 1.38 and my game woulld crash before so i don't think its recommended to lower it?
  2. here are some pictures of the stress test @Jake Likes Tech
  3. oh what do I use for the stress test? @Jake Likes Tech and here's my clock speeds at idle (i dont think it shows temp though)
  4. yes it spikes till 65 regardless if its idle or if im pllaying games
  5. im not too good with these things, so I'll send a screenshot of my ryzenmaster atm hehe. @Jake Likes Tech
  6. Hi! I've noticced that my Ryzen 7 3700x has a vddcr that varies from 1.45-1.48V is this a normal for a processor to operate at these temps? (These are voltages at stock and I have no plans on overclocking). I've read in different websites having mixed reviews with some saying that its normal for it to run at this voltage and with some saying that its a bit on the iffy side (with the need to tune it down to 1.4V). Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you. mobo: x570 asus tuf wifi gaming processor: ryzen 3700x
  7. @5x5 @Naul Will take note of the things you guys said thank you. Will give an update if the stutter fades
  8. Hello! I just built my new computer amd computer rig a few days ago. I've never overclocked in the bios aside from enabling docp to hit that 3600mhz for better over speeds. However, I noticed that when I play League of Legends, I would experience micro stuttering (not sure if this is what happened). Normally when I play I can go up to 144/200/244 frames but suddenly the screen kinda hangs for 1-2 secs and goes down to 29-30 fps and its really disrupting my gameplay hard. I'm not sure what could be the possible culprit here. Would appreciate some assistance or guidance from anyone whose experienced this before. In addition, just would like to know my vddcr also hovers around 1.43-1.48V. Is this normal? Thank you. specs: ryzen 7 3700x x570 asus tuf gaming wifi gtx 960 2x8gb 3600mhz ram 700 thermaltake smart psu 256 gb nvme/ 1tb hardrive
  9. Hi! just wanted to ask everyone here who knows a thing or two about power supplies. I currently have a x570 asus motherboard and a 750W thermaltake powersupply. However when i looked at my parts in pcpartspicker, it mentioned that there could be compatibility issues mainly due to the x570 requiring 12 pins as compared to my power supply only having a 4+4. Should I be worried about this or not. Thank you. (I have no plans on overclocking at all)

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    2. LukeSavenije


      ah, certainly worthy replacing... smart is far from the greatest


      Focus FX/FM doesn't at that wattage iirc, but the Focus GM/GX should have it, GX I know for sure since mine does


      then again, you don't need that second 4 pin technically

    3. Robin1465


      Oh I see... I've read about that the 8pins are enough because one set of 8 pins can give 384W (somewhere around this value)

      Is the 384W the max handling for the whole motherboard (including the other parts?) 

      Considering my specs
      Ryzen 7 3700x

      x570 asus tuf  gaming wifi

      3600 mhz 16gb ram

      gtx 960 (or even if I do upgrade it in the future,)

      1. can the smart handle this already? (cuz if it can, I won't consider finding a different power supply since what I have should be enough)
      2. I don't plan on overclocking anything at all. if ever, i'd probably just maximize the 3600mhz ram I have (im not sure if this is considered as overclocking

    4. LukeSavenije


      the 384w mentioned is only going to the CPU, the rest goes via the 24 pin on the motherboard.


      the main issue with smart is that it regulates 12v and 5v together, which I wrote a post about here: 

      wattage wise you'll be able to do it with a 550-650 totally fine, the focus would be a good example, but of course not your only option