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  1. Damn.. I still have mine. Had to clean it 2x. But still works great. Might clean it out again in a couple weeks.
  2. no idea, when i open outolok it prompts for the email passwords. there are 2 accounts added.
  3. I have office 2007 installed, on this pc along with chrome and edge as the main browsers When I logged in after the update finished the passwords had all vanished. So we're unable to check social media and the emails. So yesterday my boss found the email passwords and I logged into social media. And all was working great yesterday. Now today, logged in, and they have vanished again. Boss, has to come in to find the passwords avain. Not happy as was working from home today. Was thinking has the update corrupted the password file? As a previous update made my personal laptop unusable, as i got the bitlocker prompt and I got the laptop 2nd hand from a pawn shop.
  4. Yeah, took. 1 hour 50. Logged in, had the hi, working on updates afterwards. But pc was working. Did notice, that outlook 2010 was prompting for both of the work email passwords? So my office manager needs to dig throug her folder and try to find them. If not the email host can resend them to us.
  5. Cheated again!! Was 85.. rebooted and now 75.
  6. This update cheating now. Said 60 then went 57!
  7. Going to leave it running overnight I'm going home in 20 mins ish.. It's 6pm, I'm in UK. Went to 30 then reboot.. just jumped to 60!
  8. Going to leave it running overnight I'm going home in 20 mins ish.. It's 6pm, I'm in UK.
  9. It's a generic Asus work purchased a few years ago.. got low specs. Definitely HDD. No idea if win 10 was the original o/s or if they place they got it from did a win 10 upgrade.
  10. I allowed the work pc to do its update at 5, thinking its got an hour... It's now 5.50 meant to be leaving in 10 mins but .. updates only at 21%. Thought Microsoft was saying this update is a faster one .?
  11. yeah, that's what I thought. I used to have a kingston SSD in this PC, (its getting on for 9 years old now lol) but that SSD was 2nd hand and lasted me only 2 years before failing, I just took it out and put my OS straight onto the RAID.
  12. i currently have 2x VelociRaptor 250gb HDDs in Raid, (WD VelociRaptor WD2500HHTZ - hard drive - 250 GB - SATA-600 ) and, thinking of buying this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07VX615T9?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_4028881_485821941 so i can have a m.2 boot drive. however, i have no idea if this is any good? would the game loading be any better? as would it be limited to SATA the same as my existing drives. My motherboard is https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z68AGD80_B3.html with the 2600k on it.
  13. I have generic microsoft drivers for my monitor. the packard bell doesn't have Win 7 drivers, but I found some (https://www.driverscape.com/download/packardbell-maestro243dl) However I have never heard of this site. I am wondering, as the generic drivers are working fine should I bother updating them?
  14. But several years ago it died...! I got the artifacts then the BSOD! and then no display. I had to go to onboard (HD 3000, I have a I7-2600k cpu with 8gb ram). Did my leaving the nvidia drivers installed affect the performance of this crappy HD3000 or wouldn't it make any difference? I couldn't uninstall them as got error messages... but today after watching an old LTT video I discovered DDU and they are finally uninstalled.