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  1. What is this WiFi visualizer program called?
  2. Hello. My Wi-Fi at home is not the best at the moment. The house is a two-story family house, which will soon (almost) double in floor area. (ground floor is concrete/brick, first floor is light structure) At the moment, the networking looks like this: ISP [500Mbps/23Mbps service] ISP modem: Sagemcom FAST3686 with ISP custom fw (DHCP on, WiFi off) TP-Link Archer C8 (DHCP on, WiFi: 5G + 2.4 GHz on different SSID) [ground floor] TP-Link 5-port gigabit switch 1 PC, 2 STB, 1 Smart TV TP-Link 8-port gigabit switch TP-Link TL-WR740N (DHCP off, WiFi: 2.4 GHz on same SSID as the Archer) [first floor] 2 PCs, XBox, NAS, 1 STB The connection is slow on the first floor, and I think the two routers are conflicting. My family uses 5 phones, 1-2 notebooks, a Chromecast, in addition to the above devices. My question is which brand do you recommend in wireless networking? I am considering using a mesh system, and these are my options: Strong Wi-Fi Mesh Home Kit 1610 (3-pack) [https://www.strong.tv/en/products/wifi-mesh/homekit1610] Looks okay, tempting because my ISP sells a 3-pack for ~65€, and that's a really great price. TP-Link Deco M4 (3-pack) [https://www.tp-link.com/en/home-networking/deco/deco-m4/] I would prefer this, but this is much more expensive, the 2-pack is 95€, the 3-pack is 145€. The renewal of the house is about 1 year away, so my preference would be to buy a 2-pack Deco M4, and later buy a third one. What are your recommendations building a wireless system? Thanks.
  3. The problem is, that the BIOS is a bit confusing, i don't have an offset menu, only a dynamic vcore setting, where i can set +-0.5V.
  4. Oh I see. I use 1.025V then, and hope it doesn't kill anything. Thanks. I have one question left. If I set RM to Manual, set the voltage, the max clock speed is 3.6 GHz, and won't turbo to 4.2 GHz even on single core. Can I somehow set that?
  5. I did set Peak Core Voltage to 1.325, and now it went up to 105°C, which is not so good. Did I do it wrong? I guess. I can't find vcore in Ryzen Master. I edited "Dynamic Vcore (dvid)" in BIOS, first I tried -0.050V, now I am at -0.150V, maximum temps are 86°C. Getting better. Ryzen master now shows 1.32V at full load, which I dont really understand, because before the offset, it showed 1.25 at full load... Am I doing it right? How low should I go? Is this bad for the CPU? Btw, still not turboing to 4.2 GHz at load... I read somewhere on reddit to lower Peak Core Voltage in RM to 1.025, with that, maximum temps were ~68°C. Bit lower Cinebench R20 scores, 3398 vs 3285. Should I use it like that?
  6. Interesting. I didn't overvolt anything. Or you mean gigabyte is overvolting everything on default settings? Oh, so yes. BTW, can anyone help me what and how to undervolt in BIOS? I don't consider myself a noob, I just don't wanna fk up anything.
  7. Yeah, the included Arctic MX5 paste.
  8. Stock cooler was even worse, had 50-60°C idles, now i have 30-40°C. With gaming, I had 85-90°C, now i have 60-70ish, sometimes 80-85°C, obviously at high load. I adjusted them in the Gigabyte Smart Fan menu, but with max load, it's doing nothing, still goes to 95°C instantly. ~2000 rpm is about max.
  9. Hello, I have an R5 3600 with a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite with no modification (no OC, no PBO, etc.) I installed an Arctic Freezer 34 cooler with 2 fans. (The case has decent airflow, 3-3 inlet and exhaust fans at maximum speed) When benchmarking with Cinebench R20, temps almost instantly jumps to 95°C, and stays there, clock speeds are 3.8 GHz all cores, so I guess that's what you call thermal throttling. (Ryzen Master) While gaming, it's about 60-80 °C, depends on the game and the load, obviously, but I still think thats a lot. Vcore is 1.25V at load, 1.45V max at idle. I thought I applied too much thermal paste, cleaned the cooler and the CPU, reseated with new paste, but nothing changed. What am I doing wrong? I asked this question at a few website, but no one could really answer. Thanks.