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  1. Hi I'm trying to get a crisp looking stream on twitch here's my specs 3900x GPU red devil 5700xt 32gb ram 80/20 speeds Knighthawk x300 10mbs of my upload speed is just for my pc and 40 download Here's my setting now when I put it to 6000 it's awful looking with 8700 it still blurry Any suggestions
  2. My pc specs is 9900k and GPU is 2080ti When streaming I press join game and my game lags and skips and everything until I'm in game then it's fine does anybody know why?
  3. MegaPoof

    Warzone pc

    Hi my GPU sits are 90 to 100 when playing warzone my CPU is fine at 40% but temps on GPU are at 60-70 is that ok? GPU is red devil 5700xt and CPU is 3900x
  4. Hi is there different modes to the taichi x570 motherboard for example eco,normal,performance,extreme?
  5. MegaPoof

    Warzone pc

    My friends rig is 3900x with red devil 5700x he does get 100 on GPU but only %35 from CPU
  6. MegaPoof

    Warzone pc

    Hi my rig has i7 8700 and 2080ti zotac when I play both go to 100 percent anybody know why