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  1. What will be better for editing? a 1060 6gb or a 1650 4gb? thank you
  2. i know, im not using both. my previous pc stopped working when i checked my 2400mhz ram became bricked but my 1600 mhz ram was working. just curious if the ram speed would damage a ram
  3. wont that destroy the ram?
  4. What would happen if i use two ram stick at the same time with different frequency. one 1600mhs and the other 2400 in the same motherboard?
  5. Hey, was wondering which one is better, at a budget here. which one will work better 1650 or the 1050ti for editing. Thank you
  6. Thank you. This has really helped me out. Finally i can start assembling my pc.
  7. Will the few cores of the r5 3600 be a problem?
  8. Im trying to choose a processor, im stuck between the ryzen 7 2700x vs ryzen 5 3600, which one will be better for editing. I would like to get the r7 3800 but the cost of the cpu will cost me my kidney. Please help me out. And also is the 1650 better than the rx570. Editing primarily on premiere and davinci. Thank you