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  1. hello there, i have a pc in which xubuntu is installed and it contain 1 hard disk of 350gb which has 3 partition on which 1 is a xubuntu partition and now i want to install window in it but there is a problem when i get to custom installation and select xubuntu partition its say can't install windows on this hard disk. It has a unidentify type. may be it is a gpt version but how can i solve this
  2. hello there, i have recently build a pc below are the spec Ryzen 5 3600 asrock b450m pro 4 8 gb 3000 Mhz ram x 2 = 16 gb gtx 1650 VS 550 240 WD green ssd 1 tb wd blue 7200 rpm x2 = 2 tb in starting it was working fine but after i install bitdefender and restart it, pc takes atleast 20 minutes to post (stuck at asrock logo with window loading circle at the bottom) and after it boot fast just like it should be in a ssd I dont know what is the problem i don't have any USB attached expect my mouse and a PS2 for keyboard. please help me out form this THANK YOU