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  1. Even with it enabled it still dipped down into 100s for fps
  2. I normally get 200-300 for fps but I get those weird dips
  3. here arew my full system specs: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/29662346
  4. I have a 2080 super and AMD Ryzen 3700x and I play at all max settings. On places like Mirage Bombsite A my FPS dips to 100s when theres alot of activity like smoke and players. Is this normal for what I have?
  5. ok thats probably why is because I play on all max settings. WHat settings do you play at?
  6. does dips in fps to the 100s when theres alot of smoke and players or something sound normal on certain parts of maps? I play on all max settings.
  7. because i may of solved the issue. I think i redirected my download to an SSD