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  1. Guys idk what are u talking about but every single review from the influencers and customers says the case has a good Airflow. So far I really haven't read an issue with the airflow of the case. Pls don't judge on pics, but on knowledge
  2. No trident z available in my country, idk why
  3. I am getting free ac valhalla and cashback if I buy the 3900x. And I think that the 4900x will cost around 500€, which is definitely over the budget. About 6000 series, I would wait for it, but so far it seems like the performance is little bit more that the rtx 2080ti. I will probably use my old GPU and replace it in October with a new one
  4. Is this good, because right now I have planned 2 intakes top, 3 intakes for the AIO and only one exhaust. I am scary that the GPU won't get enough air.
  5. Hi, can I mount a radiator from the back of this sheet of metal and the fans in the front site.
  6. I know that a rtx 2080ti from msi fits in with the 3 fans on the front, and the radiator is only 2mm more thicc then the fans.
  7. OK, take a look of this please. If the radiator goes on the back of this metal sheet and the fans on the front, there is a chance that it could fit. Idk if this does any sense at all...
  8. Why would they pictures of the 360mm AIO next to a full size GPU
  9. Yes, but from a trough radiator
  10. Hi, I am planning to use the msi Gungir 110r for my case. Cooling a r9 3900x with 360mm AIO which is mounted on the front ( I don't want Tower Cooler). The other fans are gonna be 2 on the top and one on the back. Will there be enough airflow for a full size rtx 3080 (probably the msi one). The GPU is 320mm and the max GPU size of the case is 340mm.
  11. WoW, and I am picky all the time when the price is 5 euros more, xD. Thank you guys for your answers! You really helped me.