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  1. Well I find the switches too slow. Any suggestions?
  2. Well I destroyed myG613, I need a replacement keyboard. Budget $99 - $130 usd Needs 1 or 2 usb pass thru Liner key switches or something like the silver keys in hyper x alloy fps se Media keys if possible White backlight/ rgb set to white
  3. I've heard of croutons ill try it out. Storage the school provided 1tb I've use at most 180mb I never store my homework on it I keep it in cloud.
  4. Drats Didn't check school gave it to us in the beginning of February been using it since
  5. I was thinking of downloading my steam library into my school chromebook, do you think it beable to handle some of my basic games? Model: asus C434 Games : Among us, Fall guys, smite (with wireless mouse), NFS 4.
  6. Hmmm 16 cores now that be sweet but I don't think 16 cores would do well in my core 500 with all my 3d rendering and printing.
  7. Damn, ryzen is lighting a flame under intel's arse. Now I kinda regret buying the r7 3700x. Ryzen r7 5800x infinity fabric might hit 2ghz. If I get the 5800 will I need to upgrade the ram? I'm using 3200 at the moment do I need higher speed ram?
  8. AMD said cpu's are launching in November, did they say when the apu's will be launched?
  9. I just finished putting Shelly's system together for her future streaming. We're not sure if we'll be getting a playstation V yet since we're new to streaming games. Usually most streaming systems are m-atx to have extra pcie upgrades such as (crossfire or SLI) or adding a recording card. Since crossfire and SLI is mostly dead I was wondering if I did my own system in m-itx be a good idea? Or is still going m-atx like Rita and Shelly still the better option? What do you guys think give me your opinion I'm really into small systems but not sure is it a good idea.
  10. We're planning to try out the game fall guys me, Shelly and Rita plan to stream the games later. If we use either controller do we need any special software? Sorry first time using controllers on pc.
  11. 3d Modeling, design, coding and video model rendering(creating 3d characters) The chromebook used for low res video recording and taking notes.
  12. My dad is giving me the choice of getting a phone or an S7 tab + keyboard. I was thinking of using the tab in my computer classes, but I'm not sure if the tab can handle the workloads. Or should I stick with an handphone and chromebooks for school? Please advice. *S7 tab use experience would also be nice thanks.
  13. With advice from forum members, I've picked out the parts for my neighbour's son's system build with his budget. Games for him : Fall guys and Rocket League. Budget :$750 usd Thermaltake Versa H18 m-atx - $48.90 amazon Ryzen r3 3100x - $110.00 Asrock b550m steel legend - $115.00 T-force vulcan Z 3200mhz cl16 16gb(dual sticks) - $49.50 WD Blue 1tb ssd 3.5 inch - $99.90 Zotac gtx 1660 super twin fan -$199.90 (clearance at shop) Coolermaster mwe550 550w gold modular $71.90 Peripherals Coolermaster keyboard and mouse set $99.90 (all prices in usd) Let me know if I should change anything be for I place orders on amazon.SG
  14. Not a client, if he was a client I'd be collecting some money. Just a favor to him since his dad is really nice to me and my dad,
  15. usd$750 I converted Keyboard and mouse yes Monitor no, his dad has an old hp monitor