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  1. Oh sorry, forgot to mention that. But $450 - $550 is my budget. So those are definitely worth looking into. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been looking around for an 27" 1440p IPS high Hz for some time now, but I can't really make my mind up about which one to buy. For context, I want a display that has good color accuracy, hence the IPS. Because I edit photos and such. But also something that's really good for gaming. I've also seen the Nano IPS displays from LG, but are those worth the extra cost? Thankful for any answers!
  3. Okay, so now that the new cards are presented with base prices and all. I stand in front of a new problem. Which of these would be best for 1440p at atleast 144 FPS? And also with 3 screens in total (the side screens are just 1080p)? And the last question; will my 5 year old 650W PSU handle this along with an i7 - 6700k? Thankful for any answers and opinions!
  4. So wait, what you're saying is that a 2070 Super won't be able to run that setup along with a i7 - 6700K and a 650W PSU? Sorry, I'm just a bit confused.
  5. The new 1440p will propably be at 144hz and one of the 1080p is 60hz, while the other 1080p (my current main) is 144hz. If that's what you mean? Though the only games I'll be playing on all tre monitors are simracing games in that case.
  6. I've looking around more on prices and it seems like the RTX 3000 series will be hella expensive. I've also been looking around 5700XT and RTX 2070 Super and I have found an RTX 2070 Super for about $630. That price was only about $40 more expensive than the 5700XT I saw. And the 2070 Super is about 14% faster. So is 14% faster worth $40 more in that case?
  7. I meant that I will have a triple monitor setup, but I'll have one 1440p as main monitor and then two 1080p at the sides. But yeah I'm looking for the top end.
  8. I can play MW at the lowest settings and at 75% aspect ratio and have about 60-70 fps. The thing is, I made a huge mistake when I bought this PC back in 2015. Because I bought a i7 - 6700K along with the 960. So my GPU have been bottlenecking for a long time. Regarding the upgrade, my PSU is 650W and I have a ASUS Z170-e and 16GB Corsair Vengence 2667MHz, DDR4 ofc. And when upgrading, I will be having a triple monitor setup. In case that will make a difference in the end. But I am able to wait for the RTX 3000 series, I'm just starting to get a big impatient.
  9. I'm using a 1080p monitor right now, but I'm going to upgrade to a 1440p monitor when upgrading anyway.
  10. Hello! I have a GTX 960 4GB which is really weak for what I want to play. I have wanted to upgrade for a long time now, and I'm not sure if I should wait for the RTX 3000 series or just buy RTX 2070 Super right away.