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  1. I see, because the gpu is kinda new, only used for 1 year so im not going to change it. I only play competitive csgo/valorant. So it seems is good for me. I'm going to buy the ryzen 5 3600.
  2. How about valorant? Can ryzen 5 3600 handle in valorant?
  3. okay, i will see those benchmarks on yt, thank you!
  4. I'm going to buy a 240hz montior next day and i know that my cpu cant support 240hz monitor cuz it cant even get 240fps avr, anyone know which one should I change? I played for highly competitive csgo/valorant. MY SPECS: GTX 1660, 16GB CORSAIR RAM, Ryzen 5 1600, MSI B350M GAMING PRO.
  5. the zowie xl2546 is quite expensive, the kd25f have some good features, i think i will go to a irl store to see how much is the kd25f if it is expensive i will buy the zowie xl2540 maybe.
  6. im going to buy a 240hz monitor this week so i saw Gigabyte Aorus KD25F and zowie xl2540 are good options. I play for competitive csgo or valorant. or there any good 240hz monitor you can get so far.
  7. so finally i have decided to buy a 240hz montior this week and im wondering which one is better. Gigabyte Aorus KD25F seems like a good buying option and xl2540 which is most pros use it or the xl2546. Im a competitive player for csgo/valorant. Any other good options expect these two? Also which one is better? dont be too expensive.
  8. I see, i might watch more review for more informations and see which im going to buy, your advices are helpful tho, thanks!!
  9. thank you so much!! this reply is very helpful, i will look forward to it. edit: im playing for competitive csgo so i may want to use a tn panels unless there are very good IPS panels monitors
  10. Im thinking between aorus kd25f, asus rog swift pg258q, alienware aw2521hf for my new 240hz monitor or there are any others good choice?
  11. yea, I have heard Omen X 25f and the alienware one is one of my buying options.
  12. exactly, thats what im doing right now, thanks for giving advice tho!!
  13. yea, i just focus on csgo, so yea... thanks for replying tho !!