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    electrical and computer engineer


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    Intel i5-4690k
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    Asus Maximus VII Ranger
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    Kingston HyperX fury 8gb (2x4gb)
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    Sapphire R9 280x Vapor-x
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    Corsair Carbide 200R
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    WD Blue 1tb
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    Corsair CX750M
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    Logitech S220
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    Windows 7, Ubuntu

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  1. hmmm worth the investigatin. i will try to create a script for this. If i happen to succeed i will post it here. If someone else has a better solution i would be more than happy to try it out
  2. I have hooked up a 5.1 audio setup and my headset with a splitter on the green audio port. My computer case is quite far from my hands (I have to stand up to reach it). Sometimes i want to use headset and sometimes my Creative surround system. So i am just turning off the surround system whenever i want to use the headset. But since the setup is on 5.1 i am losing a lot of sounds since my headset is connected to the green audio port (especially the bass). I want to switch from stereo to 5.1 audio on the fly if possible. I saw some articles online for switching audio devices on the fly but i am more interested in switching the speaker configuration instead of audio devices and if possible using the LGS instead of downloading a different hotkey program. I have logitech g613 and using LGS to bind keys to the extra programmable keys of my keyboard. Thank you for your time appreciate every respond
  3. i had a fnatic flick mouse. not really impressed. and to be honest the quality of corsair is probably better so i would go for the corsair. the fnatic is a beautiful keyboard though
  4. Don't know if you actually already have done something about it but since you didn't mark the post as answered i will give you my opinion in what you want to do, even though i came quite late to the party . You can install windows first on any one of the ssd's. After installing windows as normal as you would install windows in any device, just go on and install linux in your system. It will try to install it in the same drive as your windows installation drive and that's ok. You can install linux along side windows (pick that option in the appropriate screen). In the installation process you will be asked to select how much space you want your linux partition to be and there will be a bar you can move and adjust how much disk space your windows device has and how much your linux will have (that happens on ubuntu installation process, not sure for other linux distros). You can select as little as you want to be honest. Now after this point you will have one ssd with two os (operating systems). Some gb for windows and the rest for linux. The other two drives (the one ssd and your hdd) will be accessible from both operating systems and you can save in them whatever you want. Theoretically, I guess you want linux for work and windows for every day use (...?), so I would go for 100gb for linux and the rest 400gb for the windows (from the one ssd that will have both os installed) and the other two drives will be accessible to use them from both os. The disk space that will be part of the operating system (100 gb for linux and 400 gb for windows in my example) is "seen" from both os. If you want to divide them totally equal you can just select 250 gb for each of the operating systems. By installing linux secondly (after windows installation) you also install the grub system that linux installs for you. Grub is a bootloader package. When you start your pc you see a screen with a list of the available operating systems and you have by default (i think, but probable wrong for a few seconds ) 7 seconds to choose one os to boot before it automatically boots in the default choice which will be the linux os. You can change the time and the default choice through linux (you can google search how to do that, its not difficult). In my computer I didn't have to do anything to be able to see an extra hdd from both os. You can just follow the standard instructions of how you install windows and linux on the same drive as dual boot (i roughly already explained them). I used ubuntu for my linux partition and didn't encounter any problems. Another solution is, though quite tricky and not recommended for heavy work and highly depends no how good your computer is, to set up a virtual machine. I used it for a while and still use when i just need a quick linux experience but when i need to work properly i just boot on my linux partition. In the end, obviously, the solution already given to you previously in this post is working perfectly fine. I am just giving some alternatives here.
  5. for keyboard - mouse I would suggest something that can support multiple devices and switch devices on the fly. Logitech g613 and logitech mx master 2s are some good options. I have the g613 and there is no noticeable delay when switching on devices. For monitor I would suggest using a hdmi switch. Not a spliter. A hdmi switch has multiple ports for input and one for output. That's actually what you need. Input signal from different devices and output a single signal to a monitor. Can't "see" (can't find the right word right now ) both computers at the same time but with a single press of a button you can switch from which cable/source you input signal and output it on the monitor (you can select which computer's screen you want to see at any given time). I am using a hdmi switch on my main monitor and change between my pc and laptop depending on which device I have to work.
  6. I am using one pc and one laptop on my desk (and 2 monitors in total) and tried to find a solution for having only one keyboard-mouse set. Best solution in my opinion: buy a keyboard and a mouse that can connect to multiple devices and switch devices on the fly. I would go with logitech products (logitech g613 for keyboard and logitech mx master 2s for mouse). In the end, mainly because of budget limitations, I went with only buying the logitech g613 keyboard just because I needed an upgrade on my keyboard anyway. For now I am using synergy. I have some bugs when using multiple monitors and specifically when one monitor is being used from both pc and laptop with a hdmi switch. I have some random disconnects that are a really bummer especially when you are actually working and doing something important. I am planning on buying the logitech mx master 2s in the future. I do NOT suggest you to rely solely on synergy. I don't know if there is a problem with either my pc or laptop (I doubt it cause they are really good machines both of them) or the fact that the pc is running on windows and the laptop on linux (I guess there shouldn't be any problem with that though), but the random and quite frequent disconnects on the synergy are really really annoying!! Even though I didn't have the chance to try it myself yet, I would recommend you to just buy peripherals that can work on multiple devices and switch on the fly. In the g613 keyboard there is none to very little delay (I can't realize any delay to be honest but I guess there is a small one) while switching devices and it's done with simply pressing a dedicated key on the keyboard. So I guess the same goes for their mouse.
  7. yep. that fixed the problem. thanks for your help
  8. there are not any unknown devices in device manager. i also located manually the audio manager from the realtek installation but when i double click it nothing happens...
  9. 2 days ago i updated my audio drivers through driver booster. now i reallised the hd audio manager is missing. i cant open it. not even my 5.1 surround system is working for some reason. i downloaded the audio driver from my mobo support page (asus maximus vii ranger) but when i try to install it it says "win10 not supported" or something like that. then i tried to download and re-install the audio driver from the realtek site itself and still nothing happened. the hd audio manager is still missing. long story short, i tried to restore my windows 10 at the restore point created 2 days ago before the update of the driver but windows is popping a message saying "access denied, please disable your antivirus and try again". i disable my antivirus i try again and the same message pops... i will post the error windows is giving me below.https://prnt.sc/h5dx3uany other ideas of how to fix this? i need the hd audio manager!!
  10. i agree but the 980ti is gonna be used. the fury x is gonna be new
  11. i dont have a freesync monitor and nothing is wrong with the 980tis. i just dont like to buy used stuff especially for my computer
  12. so i was gonna buy the gtx 1060 6gb but i just found this offer for the fury x so here i am asking the community
  13. at least 420euros for the gtx1070 and i cant really find any 980ti except some used ones for 300euros so not really worth it in my opinion for the 980ti. and i dont have the budget for the gtx1070.
  14. is it worth to buy an sapphire r9 fury x for 350euros or not? or is the gtx 1060 and the rx 580 better options in this price range?
  15. hmm thanks for your replies mates