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  1. Holy shit, this issue still hasn't been resolved. A week or 2 ago, i upgraded my gtx 960 to a gtx 1660 Super, and i started having this small grafical flickering on some games like fortnite & gta. Someone suggested that it may be my power supply, that it cant provide enough power. So i upgraded my power supply and here i am today. It is still flickering and it annoys the fucking shit out of me. Please someone find a solution. I7 4790l GTX 1660S 2 x 4 RAM, 1 x 8 ram
  2. @TofuHaroto I'm willing to spend around £50. I don't wanna spend unnecessary money, but yeah. Any suggestions is appreciated thanks.
  3. Short story short, i upgraded my GPU from a gtx 960 to gtx 1660 S. Essentially my PSU had a 6pin cable for my old GPU so when i got my new GPU i bought a 6pin-8pin converter cable thingy. Since upgrading my GPU, my gaming performance has actually decreased & on fortnite ive been getting black flickering and graphical errors. I put a post in reddit & someone was certain this was all due to my power supply & recommended me upgrading one. If anyone could comment on this, that would be a massive help. Thanks My hardware: CPU - I7 4790K GPU - GTX 1660 S Drives - 1 x 931GB HD, 1 x 111GB SSD PSU - Pulse PPS-750BR (750W, 240V)