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  1. I formetted my PC and installed my gpu and motherboard drivers downloaded it thru the website. Fiest i installed the gpu drivers for my rx570 and it worked properly but when i installed the drivers for my mother board it says partially installed and my gpu radeon graphics/settings stopped working and it says that its incompatible with my driver. I need help please.
  2. Alright thanks anyways!
  3. Did all the troubleshootings now, still the samw thing partially installed.
  4. Never thought that formatting my pc and updating the drivers would be a pain in my butt lol.
  5. Yes, I did. tried checking the updates and it says that " You're up to date ".
  6. Yup that's the first thing that I did, Download all the updated drivers because I formatted my pc.
  7. Tried doing that aswell nothing works, even pulling my lan cable so that the drivers wont automaticaly update. It just sucks cause I've been trying to fix it for 3 hours now lol
  8. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? Tried installing the updated driver but this is what i recieved. Already installed the GPU driver which at first doesnt work because it says that the driver version is not updated or something but got it fixed by going to reg edit and removing the driver version. I have a a320M a pro m2 mobo. Rx570
  9. Actually tried installing it but when it ask for a restart, pc will just keep restarting then after the 3 restart it will prompt that Malwarebytes can't be installed.
  10. Hi guys! I need help, this is my first time building a PC and luckily I did great got it all posted and stuff, went to download PUBGLite and it's been amazing on the first 4 days. Now I have a problem on those first 4 days my pc can reach 200+ FPS on ultra when im playing PUBGLite now my pc wont reach those FPS anymore. I just dont know what the problem is maybe it's because of me torrenting/pirating games or a virus invaded my pc lol or it's because I made a partition on my HDD ( PUT 256GB FOR THE OS and the rest is for GAMES ), I also notice that my disk will randomly reach 100 percent outta nowhere. This problem started when I tried to install Tom Clancy's Wildlands from torrent, I didn't continue installing it cause I notice that It makes my PC lag or it is eating my RAM and makes it lag af. Please help me on what to do to get back or reach those fps back again, Im planning on just formatting it. Here are my specs. A320M - PRO - MSI Ryzen 5 2600 8GB Ram RX 570 - Radeon 1TB HDD. 600W Silverstone GAMES THAT ARE INSTALLED IN MY PC PUBGLite MotoGP19 (Torrent CODEC) Also noticed that whenever I use my PC and once it gets to windows theres a CMD prompt flash for milisecond.