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  1. Hi all, Looking for a laptop that will easily run Half Life Alyx at 80 fps or better and do so for extended gaming sessions ( an hour +) without overheating. The things I'm looking for mostly; Performance Running reliable ( not overheating, bogging down..) Budget around $2000 Runs with Oculus Quest and Valve Index (includes needed ports for connection) 32GB RAM NVidia GPU Things not particularly important; Weight Battery life Thinness I've left most of these criteria intentionally vague as I'm not brand biased and have a fair amount of ignorance on the topic of gaming laptops. While I'm not concerned about weight, I do want the portability of a laptop versus a desktop to move the computer from say, the living room to another room or take the laptop and VR headset to a friends house. In other words, I don't mind moving a 7 lbs laptop, but don't want to move a desktop PC, monitor, keyboard, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!