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  1. I did return it. The problems went quite for a while. It seemed that it only hit the problem rock you could say only once the computer got hotter, but it quickly went back to its original state. I just use it as a normal computer now, no gaming. Planning to sell it soon. It's not my fault that I have to bring in back a newly-bought laptop everytime I encounter an issue. That's not convenient for everybody. Not everyone can do that. What if the laptop was a gift, and my country didn't even have an ASUS support place or whatever to go to. It's easy to go replace a unit, and maybe even pay extra. But at the end of the day, the customer is displeased, and manufacturers could care less as long as the money is rolling in.
  2. Bruh, since the first time I bought it, which the 2018 drivers or whatever, the issue has been present. I'm so disappointed in ASUS as a whole. I saw a youtuber comment on this issue, he went and replaced his unit, and they literally gave him the computer not working again. Last time I'm ever buying a gaming laptop.
  3. Hi guys! This has been happening to me and it's happening to a plethora of more people who own a mid-tier gaming laptop. The dedicated GTX 1050's core clock averages around 1350 MHz, which is good for the most part, but it keeps dropping to 139 MHz CON-STANT-LY, NON-STOP. If you remain still in the game, it'll keep bouncing around the 700's, but as soon as you start moving and such, it keeps dropping to 139 and going back, then dropping again, then going back etc. This used to happen only when the PC is plugged-in, but now it happens even when it's unplugged. The games are straight up un-freaking-playable with this constant irritating stutter. And this is a wide issue which literally no one has been able to solve, not even these manufacturers themselves. Plus, the entire laptop is locked down, you can't flash the vBIOS, you can't do anything major. Under-Volting BARELY does anything, in fact I'm pretty sure it does nothing. It's like the computer has been made to not be under-volted, like the Razer Blade 2020. My laptop is an ROG GL753VD. Does anyone know a fix to this? Or are laptop users completely and utterly ****ed if they encounter this issue? With BRAND new laptops mind you, not something used. Oh, and I forgot to mention something, NVIDIA Control Panel, Geforce Experience, Razer Cortex, ROG Gaming Center, Gaming Boosters and all that ****; ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE GARBAGE PIECES OF SOFTWARE. THEY LITERALLY DO NOTHING APART FROM MAKING THINGS WORSE. There's an option in the NCP that let's you choose 'max performance', it actually let's the GPU hit 100c, and it keeps going up. Make sure you never turn that on. Max performance, more like max thermal ****ery.
  4. So, should I just ignore the 0c temp? Is it okay?
  5. Okay, it does work under-load. But, soon as the benchmark test I did stopped, the temps went back to 0c.
  6. That also doesn't work. You can see from the GPU temperature bar that it did display the proper info for like half a second and then went back to not working. BIOS is also up-to-date.
  7. I don't know why this just started happening recently, but it did. My graphics card's monitoring info and all that is just blank. It updates every second as if it's working, but even when it's being used, it stays the same. My laptop is an ASUS GL753VD. Even MSI Afterburner doesn't pick it up and displays temperature as 0c. Thing is though, it does show like a glimpse of info right as you start up Afterburner/Task Manager, but it then quickly kicks back to 0% and 0c, like some weird bug. And the graphics card does function properly, it's not like it's faulty or something. Drivers are up to date, and I'm on the latest 2004 Win update, it did work before this, it's not like I just updated and this happened. Help :(