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  1. I will look into it! thank you for your time
  2. okay i will have a look into it. should i go Water or Air cooling then? since i dont intend to overclock i think..
  3. ye its strange to me how i get these temperatures but its not like i get lag or anything because of it?
  4. I did not build it myself. the person i bought it from said it was built by someone idk who but ye i havent built a pc and i dont know to much about it but this just doesnt look right I went to a computer Stora and they told me that either their wasent enought cooling paste or the cooler isen't mounted right so imma probably bring my pc in for inspection i guess was just trying to confirm what could be the problem here.
  5. i have not touched anythin on the inside so i dont know if it mounted correctly or even if it has enough cooling paste so might wanne check that befor i replace cooler?
  6. Hi So i just got this pc like a month ago. i bought it off someone so i didnt built it myself and i dont know allot about Pc's. For some reason i get pretty high temperatures when i check it on Core Temp and Speccy. When im idle at my desktop it is around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), When im gaming it just goes all the way to 90 even 100 degrees Celsius (194 - 212 degrees Fahrenheit) sometimes. My question is Basicly what can i do to fix this or is this normal? It just doesnt look normal and my Pc is pretty damn loud wehn i turn on a game. i was thinking of just upgrading the cpu cooler? So here are the Specs: (Not overclocked because i have never overclocked anything so) CPU: Intel I5-9600k (3.7 GHz) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 RAM: 16GB COOLER: Intel Stock Cooler POWER: 600W Idle: InGame: