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  1. I'll be able to test that this week or the next at the latest, waiting on my 3600, B550 and 3600Mhz RAM!
  2. Hey thanks for going ahead on testing, as I described in the initial post, The Division 2 was one of the games that actually got better, so i got that going for me which is nice.
  3. I understand this, but in games where stuttering happened it happenned with or without VSync, I could get 140 FPS, but then stutter for a fraction of a second and then back to 140. FreeSync didn't help either. But these same games through Linux didn't experience theses issues.
  4. I wouldn't think so, well it would be if I was playing at 144 hz or something like that, but it is 75 FPS in 1080p I aim for. And it's old games that have issues, so doesn't point to a bottleneck as usage in CPU hovers around 50%.
  5. Hey everybody, I'm one of the unlucky users who've had some issues with the 5700 XT, it's a shame as this card is truly a beast but it seems it chokes itself when it shouldn't. I wanted to shed some more light into these issues as I've never seen this tried or suggested before and my findings point to AMD's faulty Windows drivers. Before we get into what I found was a "solution", let's talk specs and the solutions I tried before, there's a TL;DR at the bottom too: Ryzen 1600 @3.6 GHz XFX 5700 XT Thicc II Pro Corsair LPX (2X8GB) @ 3000 MHz XMP Profile 2 Tomahawk Arctic B350 Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU LG 29" 21:9 75hz 1080p I think I tried anything and everything I could find on reddit and different forums. I started with this card on Windows 1909 and AMD drivers 20.4.2. There I had performance issues with The Witcher 3 (low usage), GTA V (low usage), Subnautica (low usage), Mirror's Edge Catalyst (stuttering), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (15FPS), ARK: Survival Evolved (15FPS), Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (45FPS) and The Division 2 (Stuttering). That's where my quest for fixing this whole thing started. I reinstalled my drivers, disabled/enabled XMP, BIOS updates, Chipset Drivers, disabled/enabled OC, undervolted, overclocked, DDU, minimum GPU clock from 1500-1800MHz, uninstalled any overlay (Riva, Afterburner, even AMDs), using VSR, even reinstalled (Clean) Windows when the 2004 version became available to me. After this whole ordeal and doing some steps multiple times I could only fix: The Division (Stuttering almost gone), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Better performance, don't know if intended but get form 45-75 on Very High), Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Fixed), ARK (Fixed, but not great performance although that's expected in ARK). I decided to try something else, so I installed Linux and see if running the games in their Windows version through Steam Proton would deliver the same performance issues. Here are my results, keep in mind I always play with V-Sync on: Game Windows Linux The Witcher 3 50 FPS 75 FPS GTA V 50 FPS 75 FPS Mirror's Edge Catalyst 75 stutter to 60 every couple of seconds 75 FPS Kingdom Come: Deliverance 40-75 FPS 40-75 FPS I couldn't get Subnautica because the latest update to the Epic Games Store messed up game installation, but I really wanted to know the results with this game as I've really enjoyed it even with performance issues. It seems that the issue (this is for the naysayers), is completely on AMD's drivers on Windows. I just wanted to share this because honestly, I was worried my card just had issues, but alas, I can prove it's not. Is it simple to install and run Linux? No, it's a whole thing too, and it took me hours to sort through some issues to get both Windows and Linux on the same drive and all that. Is it worth it? I don't know, it would a case by case thing, I know I'm happy now that I can finally get those pesky games to run well. This is not to say Linux or Windows is better, but to shed some light on AMD's drivers, I still will use Windows as I still play online games like R6 Siege and Apex, although Rocket League runs perfectly online. I hope this helps some people, and if in need of some help setting up Linux I can help out a little. TL;DR Installed Linux to try Windows games with issues, issues gone.
  6. Another update, performance gains are evident if you up the minimum clock speed in Radeon Control Panel, I'm going for 1900MHz as the minimum, don't forget to up the voltage too or your PC will crash. GTA V is suffering from low usage problem too Oh well hopefully this gets solved in the future. This is honestly the strangest issue, the card refuses to use its potential lol
  7. Quick update guys. I tried DDU with latest optional drivers. Shadow Tactics is fixed. Kingdom Come Deliverance, is still unstable but much higher FPS performance. Subnautica is still hit or miss, it'll jump to 75 FPS for a while then back to 50 and so on, seems like the card gets stuck sometimes and then starts pumping again. I guess it's pure driver stability. Thank you all for your help and time!
  8. Thanks for the reply that at least gives me solace lol Temps are good too, CPU never goes over 60° usually sits around 50°. Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU
  9. I have the 20.4.2 ones, recommended because of stability but I'm gonna try latest optional and post an update.
  10. It's in the post, Ryzen 1600 OC 3.5. Sorry for the wall of text but I thought it'd be better to have it all donw from the start. It's in the post, Corsair Vengance 2x8GB XMP Profile 2 3000MHz. Sorry for the wall of text but I thought it'd be better to have it all donw from the start.
  11. Hi everybody, first time poster here. I got my XFX 5700xt Thicc II Pro about a month ago. Most of it has been smooth sailing, the online games I play the most perform really well and I am very happy with my purchase. These games are Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends. Benchmarks also faired pretty well, got decent results with 3DMark as well as the Unigine benchmarks. But for some reasons some specific games suffer from low gpu usage and low fps. The Witcher 3 won't go over 50 FPS, no matter my settings. I just wanted to test it because I've already finished it so I marked it as an odd one and just uninstalled it. But then I started playing Subnautica. It won't go over 50FPS either, and it's a very fun game. My GPU usage is most of the time on 40%, occasionally 60 or something and CPU won't go over 50% either, but it looks choppy as hell and it is very annoying to play like this. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Kingdom Come: Deliverance seems to be affeccted too. I play on an LG 29" 21:9 75Hz monitor, Ryzen 1600 OC 3.5, Corsair Vengace 2x8GB RAM on XMP Profile 2 3000MHz I reinstalled windows 2 weeks prior to intalling this card, have tried turning all game boost options off, uninstalling AfterBurner, DDU, Undervolt, Power Limit, OC, Fan Curve. I'm a little bit out of ideas. The games I've tried that run "normal" are Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, GTA V, Abzu,The Division 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, CS:GO, Hitman 2, Control, Quantum Break, Dishonored 2, Fortnite, Warframe. I'll try to test more games and get a better understanding of this issue. It is very weird and infuriating that such a card won't perform as it should in very specific games.