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  1. i will start the process today.. thanks.
  2. Just did that, unfortunately no change.
  3. Yes they are in the correct orientation, i have had the system running since September last year, the issue started recently.
  4. Specs- Ryzen 7 3700x 16 GB - 8x2 X570 gigabyte aorous pro wifi Issue- I had the ram installed in 2a and 2b slots and suddenly the stick in 2b stopped showing from yesterday. I moved it from 2b to 1a and i see 16 gb now but its single channel.. Things i tried- Reseating the ram. Reseating the cpu. Then i changes the cpu to a ryzen 3 apu and put the ram back in 2a and 2b, both showed up just fine.. at this point i was ready to accept that for some reason one of the memory channels in my 3700x is shot.. Just for kicks i installed the 3700x into a asrock b450 pro (this is the pc i took the r3 apu from) with 16 gb in 2a and 2b and both show up. I am completely lost as to whats happening here installing 3700x back into x570 still does not show anything on channel b. Any ideas/comments?