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  1. Powersupply COLORFUL CROSSFEED CF-G1250WN 80 Plus Platinum True Rated Power Supply. That would be the brand of the PSU. It's a 700w PSU so it caught my eye since I am very interested in building a PC part-by-part. Is this a certified 80+ Platinum PSU? I need replies ASAP since there's only 2 stocks left.
  2. We tried a different computer that's also using an 8GB of RAM with the same settings the only difference is this other PC is using dual channels of 4GB 1600mhz (2x4GB 1600mhz) and we noticed that it performs a bit better with the dual channel.
  3. The game to stream would Mobile Legends to be exact.
  4. we tracked CPU usage under OBS using upto 46% should we try the GPU encoder instead?
  5. I am helping a friend, specs are A8 9600 with NVidia GTX 660 and using a single channel 8GB 1333mhz, planning to stream mobile games so considering this, a Mirroring software will be opened + chrome and an AlertBox will be active in the OBS software. Now, we've tried a couple of test streams with this settings output resolution: 1280x720, FPS@30, Downscale filter: Bilinear, Encoder: x264, Bitrate: 2000, Keyframe interval: 2, CPU usage: very high, internet connection is good but still stream hiccups are all over the place.. is upgrading RAM to 16GB 2666mhz the solution to this? or will a single 8GB 2666mhz be enough to rid of some stream hiccups?
  6. Hi guys, I need some tips or help. I have an MSI A68HM-P33 V2 motherboard and I think it supports up-to 32GB of RAM. Now, I currently have 2x4GB 1600mhz of RAM installed and wanted to buy an 8GB 1600mhz since I am using an AMD A8-7600 which is an APU so I kinda have the impression that RAM would boost the performance a little. Question is, would it work if I remove the other 4GB stick and replace it with an 8GB? I'm still kinda new to building PC(s) so I'm consulting for some help/tips. Thanks in advance BTW!
  7. Yes, corsair is very well known for its quality, and its already on my list but im currently canvassing for other parts/brands aside from the said product
  8. I have this PSU looks like a generic one.. and specifications of my PC are: AMD A8 7600 radeon r7 integ. No GPUs 2x4GB 1600mhz Planning to buy more fans for ventilation any recommended PSUs aside from corsair?