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  1. Tied everything, even removed Bitdefender for a few days, boot time scan - tick. Yesterday I had pulled a friend who works in IT and we spent the night, testing each component by using parts from another system, guess what? It started carshing on windows installation page! Only two parts left out were Processor and Motherboard for which we had no spare. Raised an RMA request with AMD and sent the board to service centre. Hopefully, something good comes out. Bonus: Why I did not trust that shop service guy - He told me they had updated bios to the latest and the system was stable then. I took it back home and bios was NOT the latest.
  2. Hi, My system was built last August, it worked fine for 2 months and then started giving me random reboots, error, BSOD, freezes. It may work perfectly fine for 2 hours at a stretch, like while playing Witcher 3, and then crash suddenly. Crashes are random, even right after login, browsing web, spreadsheets, and most often while using Epic game store and related games - Control did not cause crashes and was able to finish the game, weirdly. It even crashed in safe mode. I had tried reinstalling windows 10, rest windows, reinstalled drivers but no use. Tried the following, 1. Memory test - no errors 2. Disk check and SFC - no errors 3. Had RAM modules changed 4. Borrowed a hdd from friend and did a fresh install and it still crashed. 5. Used a different Graphics card for testing. Config: Latest bios and windows 10 up to date. No over clock Ryzen 3600 B450 MSI Tomahawk 3000 Mh Corsair Vengeance 8 * 2 Zotac 2060 Super Crusial 240GB SSD WD 1tb HDD Corsair CX650 PSU I am totally out of ideas now and the the shop from whom I had bought the parts from reports no crashes when he tests. I do not believe his testing though. Looking for help. Thanks! Crash dump.zip report.html