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  1. Very helpful, I will order the used phone tonight and give an update if I need help or if any problems occur
  2. Hey, so here’s the run down, I want a old android phone to display my pc stats using this app I found, the phone will sit in my case on a charger and stay in case. Problem: everytime I turn the pc on or off I would like the phone to turn in and off so the phone doesn’t explode and sit on for weeks on weeks. if I can get the problem above solved I will need a way to open the pc stats automatically when the phone turns on without entering the case to click the app, idk if this is possible but this would be a great project and I need some android users help as I am a Apple user myself gl everyone in your findings hopefully I can get some answers!
  3. Are u serious? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen they Litterly show the raspberry pi board like 7 times and some pics it’s only the board
  4. Hey! i did a post asking what display I could get for inside pc case and raspberry pi got my attention, I found this raspberry combo on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233592556803 and this temperature program to run: https://www.mod-bros.com/en/blog/b/how-to-create-a-hardware-monitor-inside-your-pc-case~37 for all you smart people out their who know stuff about raspberry pi please help, Will the eBay listing have all the parts I need which are listed in the temperature program article? Does the raspberry pi come with a built in power supply? Or does it come with the one listed above? I added a screenshot of what I required to run temp monitor program, will the eBay listing have that or if not, what is the cheapest one that does?
  5. Ooo, I do like both of these, for the cheaper option the bottom one would work and be easy to handle, the top one is pretty darn cool to especially if you could put other stuff up on it other then stats possibly? I will look into it!
  6. I really like that one, definitely on the expensive side, but does definitely give me a idea on what to be looking for, I looked in similar products and saw a raspberry one for only 25$ so I will look into this one for sure!
  7. Wow great idea! i never thought of that, thanks for the idea I will look into it, in fact I may actually have an old android in my house somewhere
  8. I assumed so, I just added a edit saying I would actually like a more individual display preferably where it does not use windows but can just show pc temps and rgb logos etc, any ideas based on that info?
  9. SOLVED, I made new thread going off of this using raspberry PI to display temps etc, thanks for help here. Hey!!! i al looking to make my pc setup really custom and not just the basic all Corsair pc, I would like to get a small 3 inch tall display (around 3 inches whatever can be found) that can go in the bottom of my case where the power supply and storage is but the plastic cover is over that and then their is about a 1/2 inch gap between the cover and the glass where I was to put this display where I can put temps, logo, rgb display idk! Sorry I don’t know what the thing is called that wraps around power supply and storage if u need further explanation lmk i can’t find much online but I don’t know where to look, hdmi, display port would work perfect? also try to keep price under $40! hit me with some links edit: bonus, if it has a built in os or a program that can run like temps or like corsairs rgb logo without like having to mess with windows os that would be great, also not having to use hdmi or display port so it was its own system if that makes sense