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  1. No, I'm definitely not replacing them every year. If those HF2010 are more durable, those are the one I'll buy over the others. Thank you for your help, man
  2. Thaks for the fast reply I'm looking at them right now, and they seem to be fine, but they appear a little big and heavy (only judging by the looks, though) Are there some less heavy models, maybe of the same brand, or any other? I forgot to mention, but I also usually get headaches when wearing heavy headphones for a long time. My music sessions last basically all of my work sessions and then some of my free time, so more than six hours a day.
  3. Hi, so recently I thought of upgrading my old headphones for some newer and better ones, albeit in a tight buget (because I'm no Linus, of course). My headphones right now are a pair of Sony MDR-ZX110, that I got very cheap around two years ago. They're fine for the 20 bucks I paid for them, but I think they're needing an upgrade. I would like to buy a new cheap pair of headphones to upgrade the old ones. I don't want to spend over fifty dollars (euros, to be precise, but it's usually 1:1) on the new pair, and if they're bluetooth, that price tag would have to include the dongle (so 40 bucks for bluetooth, 50 for wired ones). I've been looking the Sony WH-CH510, that are around 40 euros on Amazon atm, but I don't know if maybe there are some wired options with better sound quality for around that pricetag. To be clear, I totally don't mind the cable, that's not an important thing for me. I would use them in my PC and in an old phone that I've recycled as an MP3 device. I would be very thankful to hear from you guys, because I'm new to this audio thing and could use some help.