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  1. Mine is a USB headphone, thanks flying sloth. At this point, it's more likely that my sound chip is dead. Just surprised that it died only after 5months+ of usage. I'm getting a sound card, any budget recommendations? My speakers aren't too great as well, it's like under $30 lol.
  2. I just tried the front IO port, as well as all the other sound port on my mobo. Didn't work, but thanks for your suggestion Stahlmann98 ! Yeah RMA is very troublesome, and sometimes they will need time to replace my board and i have no spare PC.
  3. Hi LTT forum, I really need some help on my system sound. I tried some simple troubleshooting from mr google but none of it works. The problem So i was gaming on my PC last night, no issues whatsoever, but this morning i woke up with no sound coming out from my speakers. I checked the sound settings, output device is set to my speakers and not muted, not on low sound. Then i thought maybe my speaker broke, so i grabbed another speaker i have laying around but nothing changed. Sound only works when I set the output device to my headphones. Could my audio port be spoiled (less than 6 months old Mobo)? There's also power indicator on my speaker when it's turned on. Will it solve my problem if I buy a cheap sound card just for the audio port? I will deeply and genuinely appreciate any advice to fix my no sound issue. Thank you thank you so much. Things I have tried - Disabled all other audio output except speaker on device manager - Plug out and plug in my audio jack - Tried all other audio port on mobo and front IO of case - Switched to a different speaker - installed realtek audio driver (previously not using it, but sound was working). Then uninstalled it since it wasn't working too - reinstalled my GPU driver (via GeForce experience) - Checked for windows update (no updates, latest) Things I haven't tried - Clean RE-installation of windows 10 OS, i really don't wanna come to this unless ALL else fails. I had very bad experience with re-installation of OS, causing me more problems than it solved. PC components (if it helps) - Ryzen 5 3600 - MSI b450 Tomahawk Max - Samsung 970 Evo 1TB NVME SSD - Asus 1660 TUF - 550w Coolermaster MWE gold full modular - 26666mhz 8gb x 2 Cosair vengence RAM (On the side note, these rams are my oldest component and running XMP causes screen stutters and consistent BSOD, looking to change it sometime soon) - Speakers (sry i don't have the model numbers, it's a really old Creative speaker with an audio jack and a simple power in cable) UPDATE AS OF 8th JUNE 2020: Getting a sound-card solved the problem, for anyone who has the same problem and couldn't solve it.