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  1. So a quick update, Last day while poking them around in the computer I guess I fully blocked one of tubes as the hot water tube had some vibration but cold water tube didn't have any and idle temperatures just skyrocketed to 90-100's. I opened the pump and made sure there are no air bubbles or blockages in the tubes. I've cleaned it with warm water and put its own liquid with some tap water to fill it all the way (I know tap water is not the brightest idea but I don't have any other liquid). Then cleared the cpu and applied new thermal paste. One of the backplate screws was broken so I just glued it to the backplate (the ones where you drive screws into, not very important imo as long as all four are on the same place) and put the cooler back. Now idle temperatures are 50-60 and the pump sound is no more. Yet it is not in the acceptable idle range and I have no idea what is causing this. Can the backplate cause loose contact even tho i glued the screwholder where it should be with the same placement as others? If not, is the tap water causing this? I know it is not the best heat conductor but one of the tubes are hot like it should be and one of them is ice cold. I really have no clue why my cpu isn't cooling down.
  2. I know i5 4690 is not particularly powerful but would a 15-20 dollar budget aircooler be enough for an idle temperature of 30-35? I don't want to spend much since it is old but I also don't want to hear a jet engine just to get normal temperatures.
  3. I've been using i5 4690, Corsair H75 with two generic corsair fans since 2013. I know they are very old but It's still decent since I don't do anything heavy on it. It has been working with a very loud pump sound for the last 3 years and my cpu performance dropped significantly and my cpu started to sit on 65C while in bios. It's 80-95C in games and CPU usage is always in 50-80% range even in desktop with only chrome open and it feels really slow (I don't know if it can be caused by throttling tho). I thought there was a blockage on the tube but the tube feels hot . Instead, radiator doesn't feel warm at all. Pump connection gets maybe a little warm other than that, its just cold. It looks like the heat can't transfer to the radiator or to the grill. There are some dents on the grill due to cleaning it every 2-3 months. Is it possible to buy a radiator and plug the pump into it? I don't know so much about AIO liquid coolers so I didn't wanted to open the tubing. If it is possible to change the radiator, should I do it? I'm not sure if its a faulty pump, faulty tubes or faulty radiator. I guess I can afford a cheap air cooler instead like thermaltake ux100 or something below 20 dollars. Would it be a better choice?