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  1. Yeah, I meant streaming my gameplay. I'll go ahead check out his video right now. Thanks!
  2. I was thinking about that too. Prices are definitely all over the place. I'd try to find used GPUs but it's quite hard to find ones with decent prices from where I'm from.
  3. Hey guys! I would like to have some recommendations from this community. I have 30,000 PHP or basically 600 USD to spend on a pc and I can't decide on what parts I should get. I want a pc that can handle 1080p video editing on premiere pro and at least 720p 60fps on streaming. I've talked to some people about it and they kept on recommending me some i5 and i7 intel systems but I kinda want to go for a ryzen processor (specifically the ryzen 5 2600 or the new ryzen 3 3300x) since more cores and threads can improve video editing and streaming performance right? I would highly appreciate all the help I could get since this is my first time building a computer. Thanks!