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  1. i can only find intel core laptops on bestbuy. is there anther place you could recommend I look for laptops but not necessarily buy them? @Kaloob
  2. ok. so in conclusion, will my battery last long enough to take notes durring my lecture without having to get plugged into a wall?
  3. ooh. wait but a 100Wh battery wouldnt supply 100 watts for an hour would it? it would be like 25 watts for 4 hours no? oooooooh, or does it depend on how intensely you use the computer
  4. i know this was from a while ago but i didnt see it until now. I honestly thought i would be able to do it and almost bought a GTX 1070 but it was too expensive for its performance. lucky i didnt!
  5. also, @Kaloob you seem like someone who would know of a few places other than best buy to find a laptop, let me in on the secret.
  6. @Kaloob what does B mean, and is intel better than radeon
  7. whattage isnt the same as battery life though is it? different batteries of a given wattage would last different amounts of time right?
  8. i have thought of this but i just figure that, because i wont really be gaming on my battery, i can just turn it to power save mode when its on the batteries power, can't I?
  9. oh, thats a great idea! i think ill do that.
  10. hey guys, I am looking for a new laptop that will get me through college in 2 years and i have a pretty specific set of requirements. first though, I want to ask about resources. the biggest laptop data base i could find was on bestbuy but all my requirements were met with only one laptop. does anyone know of some other good websites to buy or even just find laptops? my budget is upwards of 1500 capped at 3000 but i dont think i need to spend that much to get what i'm looking for. generally i'm looking for something that will age well (wont be horribly outdated in a couple of years) and is fairly portable. I do love my video games, and lastly need it to have a decent battery life and portability. Here are the specs i am shooting for, feel free to criticize them if you think it necessary. Ports: Ethernet, HDMI, 3 USB 3.0, headphone jack, lightning port GPU: RTX 2060 or better with 6-8 gigs VRAM CUP: i honestly have no idea. the more money the better? RAM: 16-32 gigs. (prolly 16) display: 1080p 120-240 Hz (would it be a mistake to go for 4k? i know this would take up more battery and give slower fps and tax the GPU more) These are pretty much my minimum specs meaning that the laptop i would want to buy would probably have all this and a little more, not most of this I'm worried about making the wrong choice. is it reasonably possible for a name brand laptop to have major pitfalls in design? if anyone has any recommendations as to brands or models that are better please lmk. when i look for laptops everything sounds like the ultra super-duper all the time so i have no idea what is good and what is not.
  11. I'm looking for some people to play rocket league with because mi tired of solo queuing. I mostly play 2s because solo queuing in 3s is impossible but id be down for either. im high platnum right now and have discord and all that jazz. im good at rotation so fun to play with
  12. dang, you really think so? the NVIDIA Quadro k4000M has an MXM 3.0 bus interface. doesn't that get me something? NVIDIA made MXM gtx 1070 and 1080s, but i actually feel pain when i think about the fact that a used MXM 1080 is 90% the performance of the new 2060 super but costs 2.5 times as much.